Piemerican Knews
The Emperor's Shame
   In an astonishing series of events, so astonishing we can't tell you because it would risk you suing us for giving you a heart attack, somehow our Emperor, the properly named Emperor MAR, has become a Knews reporter! Now that President (The Joe) Legend hasn't been seen in Piemerica for ages our (un)humble Emperor has to dirty his fingers (because he's too lazy & dumb to wash his keyboard) typing pointless ineffectual Knews for W-hats! Bottom Circles What's Happ'nin.
   Emperor MAR hasn't written knews for Piemerica since the better than top quality Piemerican Magazine. Now however, Emperor MAR is reduced to reporting on unfunny (& true!) knews such as himself becoming a reporter for Piemerican Knews. Sure our title suggests redundancy but with Emperor MAR on our team we'll be the most (least) redundant knews in the world!
   Today Emperor MAR will make his Piemerican Knews website debut in a report about velcro scabs. We will see if Emperor MAR can live up to Legend (himself) & pull of a hilarious yet still very original & informative report.

2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR