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Piemerica to Release it's first game console!
In a shocker to everyone, Piemerica announced today it will release a portable gaming console in time for Christmas this year, the highly innovative PaperStation. The PaperStation is an intuitive piece of paper in which you draw your own control schemes and games. PaperStation has the ability of making an entire game based on a single drawing input on it's 'draw your size' screen. The pack in game for the console is one drawn by Emperor MAR himself titled The Moose Is Loose (shown on screen below). There are also 'pre-programmed' games being relased for the console which interface with the paper as a pencil which loads the game it onto the paper along with controls. There are already 36 World War II games (see list to the left) slated for just the launch & hundreds more to be relased in the months following. There are a few non World War II games coming as seen in the list. Paperboy 4AM Edition for example is the pack in game with the limited edition Black PaperStation.
The Moose is Loose gets "Loosed" as Piemerica calls it this December as pack in game for the new PaperStaion handheld console.
When asked about why Piemerica decided to realize and relase this console to the public Emperor MAR said "It looked good on paper."
Launch Games:
Army Men World War Shoe
Medal of Honor Piemerican Assault
Red Baron II (The 2nd World War)
Wolfenstein 3PS Halloween Edition
Star Wars vs. World War II (Lego Edition)
World+War+1+1=World War 2 Math Fun
Battle Field Bullet Time
Paper MARio
The Moose Is Loose
Greedy Ghost
Coloring Book 2.0 (with crayon add-on)
Crate Shooter
Escape from Exploding Barrel Island
Sonic the Hedge Garden Simulator
Paperboy 4AM Edition
Awesome Possum Kicks Emperor MAR's Butt

Written by Emperor MAR
October 21 & November 22, 2006