Piemerican Knews
   Last night
(?) President (The Joe) called to order.. pizza & hours later
(or earlier) the meeting began.
(The Joe) said, "How can our favorite mask not exist? We still have our favorite flask.."
"Right here chief." mentioned the flask.
Nobody could believe it. A talking flask, it's as if the world Cracked open but yet didn't.
Then a guy made up by (The Joe) for the purpose of this story stood up & said "We need that mask back because we sure don't want to look at your ugly mug (The Joe)."
(The Joe) was in a disadvantage of a forwardness (he couldn't believe it) "My very own chair or basket" he thought.
"Now that the ice has finally melted we can have something to drink" mentioned a guy who thought he was going to the movies but was instead kidnapped, put on a plane, & flown to Piemerica so they could make fun of the new guy.
In light of the mask being gone (The Joe) just vowed never to shave again so no one would be able to see his face. All this happened just over 21/2 years ago. Whoops! We mean last night.

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to see the actual dialog of the whole meeting.

2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe) Legend