Piemerican Knews

In "Piemerica": Piemerica.

Here's the memory archive. All the back messages.

Piemerica entered the room.
Piemerica: Soon our grand meeting will commence.
Piemerica: Yes now it's time to get down to business
Piemerica: how about that mask tragedy eh?
Piemerica: sad how it doesn't exist
Piemerica: Greetings friends
Piemerica: oh come on (The Joe) they know you're here alone
Piemerica: how can they know if they're not here?
Piemerica: Back to business
Piemerica: that'll do alot of good
Piemerica: tour quoise baf let shack fom lid conver (clover]
Piemerica: red what can I red what can I red what can I say? Read what can I saY?
Piemerica: don't spppek I will told you
Piemerica: forever
Piemerica: I am not coming back
Piemerica: forever?
Piemerica: no (forever!)
Piemerica: Write this down I here by announce that I forgot to invite anyone to this meeting
Piemerica: what a sad daily update this is going to make for Wednesday.
Piemerica: nah I think it'll be grat!!! aslo be QUIET!!!! ever notice that when someone is told to be quiet it's usually in a very loud manner?
Piemerica: YOu misspelled great on purpose didn't ya?
Piemerica: yes I didi id ididid id id id di dididid id did didididid ididid iddi idid iid i dd id id did idid YESI DID!!!!!!!! flasdmflksjklfsoifusoiutiuiuioyiyoiuoylcancnacnancancancacnseesesesesesesssesesesessesessesseeeesesesesseeseesseethisthsithsithsithsitshtishtisththisthsithsithisthsithisthsithishsithsishitsihtsisissisisisisisisiissiisissiissisisisisisisisisisisisisisisthtehtehthelthethethethethehtethethethethehtehtehenedendendendnednednednednedndenednednednednednednend
Piemerica: Yeah I can see that this is the end

2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe) Legend