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Rose Garden Dream
On June 12, 2004 Piemerica's two bands (New & Tripple Seven) with the same line up decided to join under one name, partially due to the confusion of performing under 2 or 3 names. Joenan & Emperor MAR came up with names. The choices were:

Colossus- from back of Gladiator VHS
Abyss- from thesaurus
Rose Garden Dream- from MARS release
The Government- from Emperor MAR
The Best- from Emperor MAR
External Implosion- from MARS release

The names were voted upon by using of a points system of 1-6, the song with the most points won. Abyss & The Best were the least preferred names. After voting was completed by Egg/Muzzz Colossus won but Joenan, being the spotlight hog that he is, had one of his trademark, randomly quit like, changes of heart (because the name reported "grew on him") changed his vote & Rose Garden Dream was the winner.

There will be a new site for this band & as a result of this there is also a final Tripple Seven release Expelious A releasing everything recorded under that name.

2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR