Piemerican Knews
Velcro Scabs
   Once again morons worldwide are joining in on a new fad, but this time it's personal! Kids everywhere are putting on these new velcro scabs to get parental sympathy. Adults everywhere (except Virginia) are using these scabs to scam their insurance companies. What is Piemerica doing? Well Piemerica does support the use of velcro to its full potential but they have decided to draw the line. The line ended up crooked so they decided to create a law instead. The law banned all glue rendering the new scabs useless. So now people have to mutilate themselves the old fashion way to get out of responsibilities.
   Thanks to the new law however there are negative repercussions such as
people mutilating themselves the old fashion way. In an amazing press conference today Emperor MAR announced "meh." Of course the reason that the conference was so amazing is because the Emperor danced about & told bad jokes. Yes that is correct, the amazing part is that his jokes were bad.

2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR