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5/1/03 Lesson Mania Week Continues! Updated at 6:32 p.m.
New Piemerican Omaha Nebraska  added
Omaha Nebraska Note to (The Joe)
5/2/03 Lesson Mania Week Continues! 
Lesson Mania Week Ends! 
What the Eat? page updated but how?
Choose Your Piemerica
5/4/03 Pim 'ot Pim 1/2
5/5/03 New Lesson
5/6/03 New Piemerican Airlines Ad. from Piemerican Magazine #2
5/7/03 Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend complete high school
5/8/03 (The Joe)'s Worthless Advice Oven --Shoes
5/9/03 Read an email from Muzzz to Piemerica
5/10/03 (The Joe)'s Worthless Advice Oven --Bad to the Bone
5/11/03 Solid Light Transfusion (Bundled) Part 1
5/12/03 Solid Light Transfusion (Bundled) Part 2
5/13/03 Solid Light Transfusion (Bundled) Part 3 Updated at 9:50 p.m.
5/14/03 Solid Light Transfusion (Bundled) Version 1
Solid Light Transfusion (Bundled) Version 2
5/15/03 New Lesson
5/16/03 New Lesson
5/17/03 Music Video for the song "1" from Piemerican Disc (Rm 169kb)
5/18/03 Download Piemerica Promo Video (Rm 95kb)
5/19/03 Music Video for the song "hof" from Piemerican Disc (Rm 119kb)
5/20/03 Videos Section
Music Video for the song "Break Place Stance Post"
from Piemerican Disc (Rm 93kb)
5/21/03 Escape Pods Updated
5/22/03 Piemerica Interactive Updated
NeoBook Drink (Big Guest Book) now with more places to complain.
Emperor MAR has a Yahoo! Profile
Piemerican Disc Review Dressed Up a bit
5/23/03 New Lesson
5/24/03 New Lesson
5/25/03 Muzzz??? Becomes Eggroll
5/26/03 New Album to be released:  Expelious B
5/27/03 Cardboard Lenom Slicer
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5/28/03 Pieuro Section Begins!
5/29/03 New Piemerican Pete
5/30/03 Pieuro Section Complete!
5/31/03 New Lesson