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Total Updates: 18
2/9/04NEW Web Site
2/10/04Site Guide updated
2/11/04Index 2 remixed
Old Index Page updated
All bad links fixed
2/15/04NEW site updated lots.
2/16/04New emoticons at the Piemerican Message Bored
AGC links updated to inclue an archived version of our site from Dec. 20, 2002
2/17/04Day End a long lost poem by (The Joe) Legend
Laslo PanafleX's Heart attack powder 2000 olympic advert
Joenan's poem POESíA
2/18/04Piemerica Incorperated Directory has been updated.
2/19/04Lessons 2001, 2002, & 2003 fixed & organized by Month
2/20/04A bunch of Journals have been added
New Lessons Section with History, Highlights, & More!
2/21/04Journals Section  is COMPLETE!
Entire Piemerican Disc audio Available Online.
2/22/04Pieuro Section Fixed & updated as well as }the Joemeister{'s profile
Graduation Photos Linked added to Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend profiles.
Piemerican E-Mail Collection totally updated & fixed.
2/23/04Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend's Profiles updated
Links added to History Section & alot of fixes & site repairs
Laslo PanafleX Section & Profile Updated alot!
Egg/Muzzz Profile Finally Updated Egg Mail added also
2/24/04Piemerican Airlines Moved to a place with no ads.
Cradle to the Grave 2003 Photos added.
Photo Galleries Transferred so now they contain no ads.
2/25/04Piemerica Interactive Updated & has a new Quiz
A little Piemerican Magazine #2 page made
Piemerican Magazine updated & moved to adless place.
2/26/04Pie Comics are being put on the site celebrating 6 years with what started it all.
Lessons Comics Page added.
Misc. Comics Page made.
The Horrible Truth added to stories section
Equal Non-Equal Neutral lyrics added to.
2/27/04Equal Non-Equal Neutral journey added to
Pie Comics Religious Pie Completed
2/28/04The Seventh Fornitude is made.
Converse 10 Years