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3/1/04Baazaro World
3/2/04A Field at Night
We found a journal that was tucked away & left out so we added it here.
3/3/04How A Dead Man Lives
A picture added to Graduation Page
3/4/04GVF Quotes
3/5/04Piemerica Ball
3/6/04Responding to Selection
3/7/04Rose Garden Dream Ep info on MARS
3/8/04Scripture of/for the Week section made
Piemerican Collection Updated
Panamail Updated
3/9/04Rose Garden Dream Ep released by MARS & a track available online
3/10/04New Lesson
3/11/04Major update to Picture page
New Lesson
3/12/04New Features section added to I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
New Lesson
Scripture of/for the Week
Reviews page added to MARS
New Lesson
3/14/04New Lesson
3/15/04Mp3 downloads of Piemerican Disc Songs integrated into Information page
New Lesson
The Kidnapping of (The Joe)
Catastrosphere's Profile added to Meet Piemerica
Piemerican Accomplishments by Year
New Lesson
Jibber Jabber Section made
2 images added to CTG
3/18/04Complete dew ep by MARS is available for download
3/19/04Scripture of/for the Week
New MARS album & single in the works
3/20/04Some updates to MARS
Update Streaks page
3/21/04New Lesson
3/22/04New Lesson
Some updates to MARS
Sit in the beef. single released by MARS Song Available for listening
New Lesson
3/24/04One Piemerica.
MARS Discography by Cover
3/25/04Entrance page redone.
Index 2 redone.
Old Pages indexed
Jibber Jabber 2003-2004 added
3/26/04Scripture of/for the Week
Jibber Jabber 2003-2004 Updated
3/27/04More info. on Gently hollow & artwork for it as well.
3/28/04New Lesson
Elevater Trace Cover
Catastrosphere's Photo Added to his profile
3/30/04The darkened Reality of Real-Estate soundtrack planned by MARS
3/31/04The darkened Reality of Real-Estate soundtrack released by MARS