Daily Update
Total Updates: 30
4/1/04New Lesson
4/2/04Scripture of/for the Week
4/3/04New Lesson
4/4/04Cardboard Legacy
Voxx Dorr
4/5/04New Lesson
4/6/04New Lesson
4/7/04New Lesson
4/8/04New Lesson
4/9/04Scripture of/for the Week
4/10/04Fogless Maybe The Best of MARS released
NINE oNlINE MARS album 3 NINE online
4/11/04Scripture Bonus
Fogless Maybe Cover Art released..
Mindless Cover Art made.
4/12/04New Lesson
4/13/04Alternate Artwork page added to MARS
4/14/04New Lesson
4/15/04New MARS song online Sone Get
4/16/04Things added to Jibber Jabber 2001
4/17/04Gently hollow & Elevater Trace released by MARS
4/18/04Scripture of/for the Week
4/19/04New MARS song online Elevater Trace
4/20/04New Lesson
4/21/04New MARS song online Plastic Curfew
New background Image on MARS

New Lesson
Last year's Update Streak is broken, although this year's has not wielded as much original material.
4/23/04MARS promo art online
(The Joe)'s Worthless Advice Oven --Deleted Currency
4/25/04Scripture of/for the Week
Your Secret Admirer
Jibber Jabber 2003-2004 Updated
We made a mistake (by saying we instead of me I feel better about myself).
We found a journal that was tucked away & left out so we added it here.
But we forgot to upload it! so it's there now.
New Song Info. Feature at I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight. RADIOHEAD site
4/27/04New Lesson
4/28/04New Lesson
4/29/04New Lesson
4/30/04New Lesson