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5/1/04New Lesson
5/2/04New Lesson
5/3/04Maynia Month
Lesson Mania Week Begins!
5/4/04Lesson Mania Week Continues!
5/5/04Lesson Mania Week Continues!
5/6/04Unexplained Explanation Point
Lesson Mania Week Continues!
New Rendering
5/7/04Lesson Mania Week Continues!
The 20th original release by MARS the new album Languishing Mirth
MARS downloads page updated, new video!
Daily Update page changed some.
5/8/04Lesson Mania Week Concludes!!
5/9/04New Comics section online which includes The darkened Reality of Real-Estate
Scripture of/for the Week
5/10/04(The Joe)'s Worthless Advice Oven --Monsters
Panamail Updated
Insued added to Comics
5/11/04Rolling Shore
Laslo PanafelX's P-I-EmericaTM News
Multiple Jibber Jabber Pages Updated or added to.
Speeches & Scripts page separated
5/12/04Life Expectancy
A Man in a Bottle A classic script
Jibber Jabber 2003-2004 Updated
5/13/04Melted Photograph
tyte wahd added to Comics
Review Piemerica
5/14/04Piemerican KnewsThe Emperor's Shame
Piemerican KnewsVelcro Scabs
New Photograph of }The Joemeister{
5/16/04Maynia Month
Scripture of/for the Week
Banana Towels, Site Guide, Piemerican Knews updated & reorganized
Fritter's Motivational Speech
5/17/04The Official Piemerican Sports (outdated with bonuses!)
Jibber Jabber 2001-2002 & 2003-2004 Updated
Forever Fog added to Comics
5/18/04Secondary Sports
5/19/04Preliminary Tooth Rim, Saddle Confinement, & Use the Fire & Scape added to Comics
New Lesson
Jibber Jabber 2001-2002 Updated
5/20/04New Lesson
5/21/04New Lesson
5/22/04Great E-Mail titles portion added to Jibber Jabber 2003-2004
5/23/04Eighthornal Fornitude
Scripture of/for the Week
5/24/04Last Issue Recap page added to Piemerican Magazine #2
Links Page on Adjective Glass Catalog overhauled.
Problems in Adjective Glass Catalog fixed
5/25/04New exclusive MARS release, Backtracking
MARS Previous Artwork Page updated & added to
Page made for the Scrib Single
New's website updated
Various Pages Including Presidential Conspiracy have been updated &/or added to
Meet Piemerica Page redone with animation removed (due to browser issues) & some Piemericans upgraded.
5/26/04Flax Bottom
Emperor MAR's MARS photo page updated with the latest pics
MARS front page will now show the most recent release cover instead of the Legend's Pose Black Cave Dance
Advice Oven, Knews, & other old Original 2003 Daily Update pages are Linkified for navigation.
'ot 6 Review portion added to Banana Towels, includes long lost Daily Update 'ot 6 review from 1/31-2/2/03
Various things which had been lost in the deal are now properly placed
5/27/04Exits are Slipping
Greatest Lessons & Lesson History portion of Lessons updated
5/28/04Zelon 20
5/29/04New Egg/Muzzz Picture
5/30/04MARS Songlisting
Scripture of/for the Week
5/31/04Cradle to the Grave Remade & Many New Photos Added