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Maynia Month
Piemerica Returns!
Other People Mentioned on the Site Enormous page which gives descriptions of everyone mentioned on the site in any way.
Related Links added to entire Meet Piemerica section profiles & more
Laslo PanafleX section redesigned & now contains links to all PanafleX related material
New Piemerican ONJ
The Legend of Vaseing Harvesters
Chapter 1 of (The Joe)'s Autobiography Opinions/About (The Joe) redesigned & scans added
Jibber Jabber 2005 updated
Index & Entrance Page Changed
Emperor & Eggabalt Episode 10- April 5, 2005
Piemerican History added to
Updated What the Eat? and Site Guide
Various Ideas added to in Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
Cradle to the Grave Photo Galleries of Emperor MAR have tons more pics & better quality of nearly all the old ones.
New Emperor MAR Photos
Rokit & Chump On A Log (Photo fun with (The Joe) & ONJ)
Equal Non-Equal Neutral Survey
Renderings Added to 1 2 3
More Rewritten mystery quotes about pie etc..
EveryThing was Personally Hand Washed by me added to Piemerican Magazine History
Added cap scan & Conspiracy Size photo to Disease Jelly Speech page
Added Wallpapers links on Boxs
More Screen shots of Piemerican Mario Brothers
Pieces Added to Equal Non-Equal Neutral
Added from_piemerica.doc to Boxs page
Sounds added to Banana Towels
New LyricsTo Live A Gain, A Sigh Beats Hollering, "Yours Forever", Life Takes A Life Time/The End of What Begins,
Embers, Watch Your Whispers, Repeat Today, Swimming, Finally Construed, Wordless, All, God is..
Whisper Hammer
New Pictures of Emperor MAR
Added Life is Crazy & Iceburg Ripoff to Lyrics & Poems Page
Added Yesterday (kinda like a journal which was already on the site) to Poems page.
Journal 4/17/02 What is your worst fear & why? accidentally entered wrong so now it has the real entry.
Links added in some journals & to some journals
Added separators in lyrics 2001 & beyond.
Made some fixes for the site to be more compatible with Internet Explorer
All found Broken links fixed
Added a quote to bottom of Emperor MAR profile
Lesson Mania Week Day 1
Scripture of/for the Week
Special Scripture Flashbacks
New Entrance Page
Lesson Mania Week Day 2
New Pictures of Emperor MAR
2 links added to Equal Non-Equal Neutral Pieces
Lesson Mania Week Day 3
Comfort Photo Gallery
New profile photo for Lori
Lesson Mania Week Day 4
Rose Garden Dream May 16, 2005 Performance Entry
Lesson Mania Week Day 5
Panamail up to date
Sleeping Awake
Lesson Mania Week Day 6
Jibber Jabber 2005 updated
Lesson Mania Week Day 7
No Mercy Renderings
Message Titles Added for linking in Panamail
Favorite Journal Quotes
Lesson History, Top Lessons, Lesson Mania!, Lesson Streaks, & Lesson Stats updated
Dates added to individual Photo Gallery links
Joenan's Profile slightly reorganized
Thumbnails added for Wrestlemania 2000 renderings
Scripture of/for the Week
Enornal Thirteenitude
Muchos Tacos Photo Gallery
Golfulating Photo Gallery
MHS 2005 Graduation Photos
Golfulating II Photo Gallery
Golfulating III Photo Gallery
Piemerica-Incorperated-Returnilly E-mail Archived
Redid Grave Index page
Muzzz Mail page made with all the interesting e-mail convos between Emperor MAR & Egg/Muzzz
Emperor MAR's Watches Page
5 New Photos of Emperor MAR as a kid added to Grave
Scripture of/for the Week
Barry's Advice for Graduates
Freezer Freezer Problem Art Book now online
New Piemerican Bottle of Sand
History Index redone
Golfulating IV Photo Gallery