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10/2/06 Many Photos Added to 2006
10/3/06 New Poems:  Last Day Living, Good Life, Bad Life, Fill #3, Award
10/8/06 Advice Oven section recolored
Another Reason added to Why Emperor MAR & (The Joe) have Worn Multiple Watches
10/9/06 New Lyrics:  Once Again, No Not Once, Dizzier, Blister
10/10/06 Jokes Page
New Lyrics:  Dead in the Eyes, Lost Eye, Blood Stream, Single, Good Again
Photos from 12/29/05
New Find the Irony
10/11/06 New Lyrics:  Fall, Charter, False
10/14/06 Lesson Mania! to be Released October 28, 2006
New Lyrics:  Millions\Nothing, Beyond Nothing, Shock
10/17/06 New Lyrics:  Secrets, Lines on Lines, Future, B, C, D, E, F
10/18/06 New Lyrics:  Dreams, Debt, FailChamber
10/19/06 New Lyrics:  !, City Lane Survivor Puppets, Inauguration, Come On
Piemerican Knews~  The National Glass Eaters Competition
Lyrics & Poems, Piemerican Knews, & Advice Oven Sections Redesigned
10/21/06 Enornal Fornineteen (Humorous quotes)
New Lyrics:  Popsickle Sized ChainLink, EmpireBlood BornAll Time
Jibber Jabber 2006 updated
Large Covers for games
Updates Section redesigned
10/23/06 New Lyrics:  O-W-N, Time Change, Luchar el Fin, Crimson Blood
10/25/06 Songs:  Kites Near the Sky & Paper Rocket (Remix) available for download
New Lyrics: Systole Apple Explication Account Four (Develop the Implications Of), In, Well Spent, The First Day,
Better, You can see my Rose Bloom, Ion Snee Ow (Bring Music Back), Took Over
10/28/06 Eight Years of P-I-E
Lesson Mania! Book Released today go buy it you might learn something
New Photo Galleries:  ED Wed, Mid & Lesson Mania!
New Lyrics:  The Title Track, True, The Final Solution, Accomplished, Prayer is the Only Answer, Good Food
Photos added to 2006
10/30/06 Conversatude
Only the Obese Die YoungLast Supper, Feeble, 2,004, Radically Repetitive, Slavery, Careless Murder, Lonely Fool, How Long is this, Log
Waserg Photo Gallery
10/31/06 New Halloween Lesson
New Lyrics:  Bone