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Wedding Photos! Michael & Lori (Emperor MAR's Wedding)
Corey & Chantelle (Joenan's Wedding)
New Galleries
2006, The Bookster, Sticks & Stones, No Parking, Homes & Hearts, Earning Stripes, Poses
Gallery Updates
Photos from 2005 including The Skillet Hat
More photos added to Wonder & Time, Life?, & 2002 photo galleries
Large Gallery of April Fool(s)
New Renderings, Renderings made into a section
Big scans of each The darkened Reality of Real-Estate episode
New Watches added to Watch History
69 New Lyrics/Poems Not an Arrow Leads, Partly Visible, The Faith to Prove, Complain, Hearse, Missing That Affection, No to Doom, Dungeon Boy, Stem, Turn Loose, Expelious Sea, Questions, The Lights Went Out, Windows, Footprints, Old, Fixed, Totally-poor, Give to You, No Two Unlike You, Positive Eight, Life's Window, Keep that Square, Tree, Out of the Couple, Follow, Bright Day, Came In, Kites Near the Sky, It's Good to be Back, A Song That has Not Been Written, Versus, Baby's Breathing, False Testimony, Time Machine, Today Begins Tomorrow, Mixed Up, Mixture, Carousel, Exposed, I'm Over You, Symbol:  The Cross, Flowers, Short Term Memory, Clip Show, I Don't Like What I Hear, Rapping Paper, Tied Down, Jesus Loves You, The Hushia in Russia, Backwards Yellow Letters, Love Unchained, See or Say, Next Year, I Love How You Love Me, The Family Tree, Lazy Attacks, I Tried to in the Mirror, Hey Tomorrow, Bring the Hammer Down, Decisions, Alone, One 80, Sinking Sand, Fake Feathers, Firemen, A Year Ago, Wake the Wind, Bound, In Teenage Wasteland
Original Creatives
Stories:  Where to Stay, Five Stories at the End of the Year, Continuum
Enornal Seventeenitude
Piemerica's Worthless Advice Oven --Streets with All the Fixins
Flash Animations Category added to Other Videos page
Jibber Jabber 2005 updated
Two New Book Drinking Tips
Top 3 Lessons of 2005
New Find the Ironys
New Advice Oven e-mail
Some Meet Piemerica profiles changed
Links updated & added to index page
Running Gags link added to Banana Towels
Lesson Stats & Streaks Updated, Update Streaks Updated
Added year anchors to Stories section
Fixed broken links found on the site & various edits
Keep Your Praises In My Head
Emperor MAR Profile at Last.fm
Playing A Ground Photo Gallery
Emperor MAR Profile at You Tube
New Photos added to 2006
Hushed Plunder
Rose Garden Dream & full CD Download of Wool Wolves on Last.fm
Eighteenal Fornitude
Jibber Jabber 2006
Empress Lori on MySpace
New Marquee Text on Index 2
Update Streaks Updated
Two New Chapters of (The Joe)'s Autobiography!:  Milking Logs & Once in a Lifetime
2 New Photos of Emperor MAR portraying Jesus from 12/21/02
Photos of Emperor MAR's X-Ray from 2/7/06
New Joenan Photo from 7/17/06
2 New Photos from 6/26/06
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