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8/3/06Piemerica's First Book- The Essentialness of Essentiality Now for Sale!
Dancing!- Video Gallery of all Piemerica's Dances
8/15/06Rummage Photo Gallery A Strange Must See
8/17/06New Lyrics:  The Song That Has Never Been Written Before, Inanimate Objects,
A Light Instrumental, Acronym, Free 2, If I, They Watched Me Sleep
8/18/06Sheek Photo Gallery
8/19/06New Lyrics:  Daze, Jugular, Systole Apple Explication Account One (A Rhythmically Recurrent Contraction), Proximo, Will you Come True?, Definition
The Watcher Photo Gallery
8/22/06Opening, To Be, By the Sun of the Moon
8/31/06New Lyrics:  Uninjurable Shapes Era 1:  Total Eclipse of the Night Wind.,
Uninjurable Shapes Era 2:  Dawn Settles on a New Generation Alive in the Sky (Uninjurable Shapes Era 3:  )Dollar is your Chemically Produced Friend