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10/1/07 New Piemerican Records Release:  Yestermorrow by MARS
10/2/07 Joenan Interviews Glen Phillips (Nov. 2005)
Survey added to Jibber Jabber 2005
Site Stats updated
10/3/07 Site Guide Updated
New Lyrics: Traded Society for TechnologyYou carry Me on
MARS site updated (song listing and links)
Piemerican Message Bored Ranks added to Jibber Jabber 2003
10/4/07 Early versions of Piemerican Disc videos uploaded to DailyMotion
10/5/07 New Caricature of Emperor MAR
Commentary added to Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook & Freezer Freezer Problem Artbook
10/6/07 MARS & Rose Garden Dream sites large image display navigation now uses dynamic pop-ups
New MARS Wallpapers
New Lyrics: QuickenIllumination
Review of Yestermorrow
10/7/07 Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? released
10/8/07 New MARS artwork and information on future releases
10/9/07 New Lyrics: BCDDCBA Love Stronger Than Today
10/10/07 New MARS promo art
10/11/07 Review of the MARS song Sone Get
10/12/07 MARS Artwork Section formed
10/13/07 Complete Piemerican Discography updated.
New information on Golfulating IV and Audio Fornitude
10/14/07 New Lesson
10/15/07 New Lesson
10/16/07 2004 Chat Takes, 2005 Chat Takes
Jibber Jabber 2007 Updated
New Lyrics: Rest Comes from a Sleepless NightSurrounded by LoveMove & Make
New Lesson
10/17/07 Lessons Section improved with better navigation and code
New Lesson
Rose Garden Dream song pages with images now use lightbox effect
2 Definitions added to Lingo
10/18/07 Unused MARS artwork page now up with 25 pieces
10/19/07 MARS Promo Art for title track singles
10/20/07 New Lesson
10/21/07 New Lesson
10/22/07 New Lesson
10/23/07 New Story:  Time Cotton
10/24/07 MARS taglines and download links on MARS MySpace
10/25/07 New MARS song on MySpace
2 pieces added to Unused MARS artwork
10/26/07 Info. on new two MARS albums being released this Sunday No Answers Are Worth These Questions &, Zeatin Cur Parquet
New Lesson
10/27/07 New Lesson
10/29/07 Two new MARS albums No Answers Are Worth These Questions &, Zeatin Cur Parquet
10/30/07 New Lesson