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1/1/072006 Photo Finish:  Photos 2006 Nov.-Dec.,ThanksgivingWarm Shower, Christmas Ape Goes to the Moon
Jibber Jabber Section Design Changed
1/10/07New Lyrics:  Danny Jumped Over the MoonStand up to the care.The Edge of KateYellow Blues,
UltimateThere is Life!Y-+=lafeR-Zone, Sentimental Mental InterludeGlided off the handleOzIn Hands so PureSilver Heart
1/11/07New Story:  Passed out in the Lawn
1/12/07New Lyrics:  An Outside pushShouting Out Our SecretsHard to ExplainExported Memories
1/17/07New MARS song on MySpace
New MARS albums based on Equal Non-Equal Neutral to be released
1/24/07January Piemerican Elementary Knewsletter
Piemerican Magazine #1 & #2 long overdue color corrections
New Lyrics: New Not Unwilling
Site wide link fixes & directory organization