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Total Updated Days: 18
2/5/07Besides:  Equal Non-Equal Neutral released by MARS with free stream or download online
Piemerican Videos now on YouTube
New Lyrics:  Sought He SorrowNo One StacksI Made My Reflection My Best Friend
2/7/07Ads Section now has Piemerican Elementary Knewsletter & Lesson Mania Ads
Broken Links fixed, site reorganized behind the scenes
2/9/07New Lyrics:  Santa MeridianSurgical Invitation
2/11/07Photos 2007
New Lesson
2/12/07New Lesson
2/13/07New Lesson
Piemerican Magazine #1#2 Completely Color Corrected & more
2/14/07New Lesson
2/15/07New Lesson
2/16/07New Lesson
2/17/07New Lyrics:  a final callTrack after Track 4Long SongI am so weak
New Lesson
2/18/07New Lesson
Links to clips of Emperor MAR in audience of Memphis Wrestling from 11/18/06 on YouTube
2/19/07New Lesson
2/20/07New Lesson
2/21/07New Lesson
2/22/07New Lesson
2/23/07Piemerican Magazine #3 being released tomorrow
2/24/07Piemerican Magazine #3 Relased Today to celebrate 9 years of Piemerica! Download for $2.50
New Piemerican Magazine Web Site
Piemerican Magazine Issue 2.5 also available as a free preview of Piemerican Magazine #3
2/28/07New Lyrics:  Still