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New Lyrics:  HibernateDirtEnglishFinish to BeginSimulationMay LocksI'm SorryMindless
5/12/07New Lyrics:  One Look Too Many, Near HereAdmass ExotericSearch and ReplaceRevivify
5/14/07Lesson Mania Week 2007 Day 1
5/15/07Lesson Mania Week 2007 Day 2
5/16/07Lesson Mania Week 2007 Day 3
5/17/07Lesson Mania Week 2007 Day 4
5/18/07Lesson Mania Week 2007 Day 5
5/22/07New Lyrics:  CypherOne Way, Two WayWhat was paid for meHand-Me-DownsPlease Take Me Away
Lesson Mania Week 2007 Day 6
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5/24/07Enornal Twenty-Firstitude (A New Collection of Comedy Quotes)
5/27/07New Lesson
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5/30/07MARS Equal Non-Equal Neutral Cover & Growing Unconsciousness Promo Cover
Info. on Upcoming MARS release Vanished
New Lyrics:  Proceed, Rope, Back to You, Back for You