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Total Updated Days: 11
8/1/07New Lyrics: The Lighter Side of ThisIvoInner RestingA Text of Letters
8/7/07New 2007 Photos & Metal Morrow Gallery
New Rendering
Jibber Jabber Updated
8/11/07New Lyrics: StaticOmnidirectionalBalkFrom Bottom to Top to BottomStepless
8/14/07Chat Room Etiquette
Top 3 Ways to Get Free Food
Six New Lessons
New Lyrics:  In Control, The Bread is Breaking Us
Jibber Jabber Updated
Archive of Pieuro now available
New Find the Irony
8/20/072 New Lessons
Piemerican Magazine Preview Updated
8/21/07Piemerican Lingo finally completed
History of the GUI PowerPoint presentation as well as outtakes now available for download
New Lyrics: HouseholdJubilateOur Lives Set SailSuperbia
8/22/07New Script:  The Guy With An Alarm Clock For A Roommate
8/24/07New Lessons
Piemerican Magazine History Updated
Piemerican Accomplishments by Year Updated to present
Videos Moved to Dailymotion; Downloads reuploaded
More definitions added to Lingo
Piemerican History Revised
Enornal Fornitude Index Changed
8/25/07A Few of My Favorite Things- Photos and descriptions of Emperor MAR's prize possessions.
8/27/07New Chapter of (The Joe)'s Autobiography:  Homes & Other Places to Live