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10/2/08Chronchive for October 2005-May 2006
Update Stats & Streaks Updated, Lyrics Stats Updated
10/5/08Paperstation & Greatest Hits of Christmas Eve with all related links added to products page of Encyclopedia
2 New Lessons
Jibber Jabber 2008 Updated
New Joke
10/7/08Love Magazing added to Pseudo Publications page of Encyclopedia
Contents Page rearranged & added to. Old one archived.
10/8/08New Comedy Quotes Collection:  Enornal Twenty-Fournitude
MARS Promo Songs page made with release info
MARS taglines & MARS Related Blog links added to Discography Pages
10/9/08New Poetry:  Today & The Years Gone Bye
10/11/08New Photos
10/16/08MARS Promos song page updated with new single Froj & streams of some tracks
10/21/08Hello Sunshine - New album by Camelopardalis also reviewed by Emperor MAR
10/28/0810th Anniversary of when Piemerica was adopted as out name.
Massive MARS Discography Update! New streams, downloads, & artwork obsessively organized for maximum convenience.
Previously unavailable MARS releases now available for free! Minds 15-25, Digital Deathuineft, An, FROSE
Now with chronological discography pages added.