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11/10/08 MySpace Profile Updates:  Emperor MAR & Piemerica
11/12/08 3 Qualities that show the importance of Scripture
Jibber Jabber 2008 Updated
11/13/08 New Lesson
11/14/08 All Tuesday Small Group Notes now posted on livejournal
11/15/08 SHOT BY TIME:  MARS Singles, the first 5 years Free Download
11/18/08 Tae Kwon Dumb videos from Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Christmas Eve Special now on Tae Kwon Dumb site
11/20/08 87 Things:  A Jibber Jabber Best of now linked on site
Commercial Pack for Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Chrismas Eve Special all 4 in one
11/21/08 New Show:  Bluh? featuring outtakes from the first two episodes of Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?