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1/1/08New Lesson
Review of the MARS song Remake from The Advent of Thunder
1/3/08New MARS Music Video: The Advent of Thunder
MARS singles & videos added to MARS SoundClick
1/10/08MARS releases Time Cotton, Incur, & Rose Garden Dream now available for download
New MARS Promo Art
1/21/08New MARS album Sound Without Effect download
1/22/08Listen to free stream of Sound Without Effect & today's new MARS release Vanished
1/23/08New MARS Music Video
1/24/08MARS & Rose Garden Dream Discographies now has streaming players for the listening of available releases
1/25/08Know Storm, No Storm, & External Explosion Classic MARS albums available for download
1/26/08The Meeting (EP) now released for free download.
1/29/08New Lyrics:  Everything you hoped forColors of Love
MARS Listening Booth now up where you can stream all available MARS releases from one page
New Site Entrance Page
The darkened Reality of Real-Estate by MARS is available for free download
Updates page archive links reorganized
1/30/08Gently Hollow Discs 1 & 2 now up for streaming
1/31/08Piemerica:  2007 Year in Review
2005 & 2006 Year in Reviews