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Total Updated Days: 9
6/6/08 7 Pieces of Piemerica related Flair added to Facebook's Flair application
6/10/08 New Photo Galleries:  Piemerica 10th Anniversary Sadebration, True Life May Day, Before Photoshop
2008 Photo Gallery Up to Date
New Lyrics:  All I really know is youI know The Door
Piemerica Years in Review now linked
Piemerican Dancing video montage added to Dancing Info. Gallery
Update Stats Updated
Definitions of Waserg & Congradualations added to Lingo
Chattitude & image galleries linked in Piemerican Profiles
Piemerica.org has changed web hosts. After 2 years on the dot with Freehostia we have outgrown its server space alotment.
6/12/08 N64 No Mercy Edits Page featuring all my texture work for the game
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight. Logos added to its Features page.
6/13/08 New Entrance Page featuring streams of the latest 2 MARS albums
Lesson Mania! Web Page with all related materials
Piemerica Anniversary Celebrations
Jibber Jabber 2008
New Lyrics:  Perennial Perceptions
6/19/08 MARS albums now streamable:  Languishing Mirth (online debut), Elevater Trace (previously available online),
Fogless Maybe The Best of MARS Disc 1
6/21/08 More T-Shirt options at The Piemerica Shoppe
6/25/08 New Lyrics:  Mercy, Grace, LovePerambulate
New Photo Gallery:  Trapped in a Produce Bag
6/27/08 Piemerican Magazine #3 Free Read with Commentary
6/30/08 MARS Song Listing Updated
MARS Unreleased Song Listing