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New Lyrics:  Christ's Bond of Unity

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Monday, November 30, 2009
Photos 2009 Updated
Lyrics:Christ's Bond of Unity
My God found favor in me
He gave me love that will never leave
He gave me life from the Spirit to breathe
He gave me a wife that I will never leave

I love you
Not just yesterday but today and forever
My God holds us so no one can sever
Our love goes on forever and we owe it only to our King

I know whatever comes to us God can live through us
And make us better than we could be
And gives us light to share so others can see
He makes it look so easy because His love is amazing

I am so thankful
His love flows through me so you can be by loved me
I've done all I can do
I have surrendered and let God love you through me because I love you too
And there's nothing this world can do
Because God gave me a wife that I will never leave & that I will always love
I know that He loves me because He is loving me through you
And I know I love you because He's giving me love for you too
Love that never ends
Love that never leaves
God has found favor in us and now the two are one, the three are two and we live and love in Christ's bond of unity.