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1/3/09New Original Quotes Collection:  The Twenty-Fifthornaltude
Top 5 Lessons of 2008
Jibber Jabber 2008 Updated
New Food added to Piemerican Magazine #3's Crude Food Outtakes
1/9/09New Lyrics:  Debtor
Houmse added to Piemerican Lingo
StoryWrite links added to Story pages
Stories, Scripts, & Banana Towels sections pages updated to current look.
MARS Song Listing Updated
1/10/092008 Piemerica Christmas Catalog now onsite with commentary
1/12/09New Lesson
1/13/09New Lesson
1/19/09New Lesson
1/20/09New Lesson
1/22/09New Lyrics:  ConjunctureThe Secrets of..We Have Been Here Since..
New Lesson for the 8th Anniversary of Lessons
1/23/09New Lyrics:  Shot By TimeUnreasonable Chosen
1/24/09GoAnimted Short:  Locked in the Great Outdoors
Photos 2009
1/25/09Piemerican Records Website
Equal Non-Equal Neutral The Book, Piemerica's 3rd book ,released as E-book
Piemerica.org Page on Facebook
Related Blog links added site wide
1/26/09New Lesson
1/27/09Cats Series 1 is now online
This comicbook series was Emperor MAR's first creative foray from 1995 (age 10) has finally been added to Piemerica.org
Blog links added to Rose Garden Dream website including new info about June 24, 2004
1/30/09Jibber Jabber 2009
Emperor MAR's profile external links updated
Original art added to Brain Shatteringly Intelligent
Piemerica 2009 Year in Review (January in review)
Lessson Stats & Streaks Updated, Lyrics Stats Updated
1/31/09Action Comic:  Cats- Series 2, Quick & Stretch (1996) is now online
Action Comics:  Cats failed spin-offs:  Cats- 9 Lives (February 1998), Cats- Dog Days (February 1998), Cats- The War (March 1998)
Action Comic:  Hi-Res Cats- Series 1 (Fall 1995)
Cats- Preview Special (March 1998)