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Lesson Mania Week 2010
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New Photo Gallery: Photos 2010
Jibber Jabber 2010 Established
4/19/10 New Comedy Quotes Collection:  The Twenty-Eighthornaltude
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Monday, April 12-Saturday, April 17, 2010
Lesson Mania Week 2010

4/12/10 - Day 1 - 6 Lessons
Every day is a new day.. except yesterday and all the days before it. So really today is the only new day.

News is ok but of course no news is good news right?

Being caught on fire isn't as bad as being caught while on fire because there is more than one person involved in the second situation.

If you are pessimistic about pessimism you are an optimist.

Preflexes are better than reflexes.

There are stupid questions but stupid questions are better than stupid statements.

4/13/10 - Day 2 - 6 Lessons
People use the phrase "out like a light' but if a light is out it isn't a light anymore.

Flashback Edition (6/12/05)
The S in Swell stands for super. Swell means super well.

Trying is better than dying unless you are trying to die.

A blem is like a minor problem y'know like a blemish.
A problem is like a pro blem it has been professionally hired to bug you.

While falling down the stairs is bad falling up the stairs is much worse because it indicates that either gravity has changed or you are in something that is upside down.

Most entertainment is crap because there are about a trillion stars per person yet no film or record gets more than 5 stars.

4/14/10 - Day 3 - 5 Lessons
Age is a state of mind, the state of how old your mind is.

A photo ID can confirm your identity. Your face can confirm that you own a photo ID.

When someone requests "Listen to me." they are only referring to verbal communication and not other noises they may make.

A good idea is to put a pillow in your backpack. It will give you comfort while standing and walking like you never thought possible. Putting a backpack in your pillow is not a good idea unless you have already put a pillow in your backpack.

The great thing about performing stunts in a wheelchair is that if you get hurt you already have a wheelchair.

4/15/10 - Day 4 - 8 Lessons
Fun Food Fact:  Humans invented pizza in the past.

An excellent way to earn quick cash is to rent out space in your wallet.

Wow! Now this lesson is something! Of course almost anything is something.

England is the easiest place in the world to lose pounds.

When you use the phrase "More or less" you cover all possible options.

Jealousy turns enemies into rivals.

The common usage of mirrors solidify the backwards views of some.

Fun Food Fact:  God invented fruit on the third day.

4/16/10 - Day 5 - 6 Lessons
Here's a good 1.

If you don't not not have nobody it is because you are too negative!

Wheels were put on desk chairs because too many lazy people would lean over and fall out of their chairs to reach for things instead of getting up.

Every moment is the greatest moment of itself.

Claw hammers cannot be used properly by clawed animals.

Manliness has gone from taming wild animals that roar to controlling inanimate engines that roar.

4/17/10 - Day 6- 5 Lessons
People sometimes say "Cheers!" before drinking an alcoholic beverage. This is funny because what they are drinking is actually booze.

When someone invites you to their home and refers to you as company they are hinting that their relationship with you is not personal.

Cursive handwriting is rarely used to write curses. This is interesting because the formal look to the writing makes one wish to oblige to its otherwise violently forceful suggestion.

Being fortunate is having unexpected good fortune or being lucky. Being unfortunate is being unlucky. But unfortunate is really just less than fortunate so it could just be regular fortune instead of bad fortune.

One day you'll get older and that day is today, tomorrow, and all the days after that.

Trains are invisible except for the solid parts.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010
New Photo Gallery:
Photos 2010
Sunday, April 19, 2010
Jibber Jabber 2010 Established:
* How many numbers are in a 10?  2 or 10
* Is one the highest number since 1st place is the best?
* Do you ever wonder why people wonder about things?
* I, as a Food Dood (fat guy who loves food), haven't even dreamed about eating in my sleep (except in actual dreams).
* New Net Slang:  ">>" for "Right Right"
* My real world name is Michael I know it is a rare name you probably haven't heard of it.
* How many times can I say comb in the single instance of me saying comb?  I think it is one.
* Where Wolf
* When you are in the mirror how do you know it is you talking and not the mirror?
* Train whisk unfurling
* Budget knocking pellets
* You for an uneight
* Where were your teeth yesterday?
* How many bugs are in this sentence?
* A leader is someone who intentionally guides another or others utilizing his or her collective wisdom, knowledge, experience, and skill.
* Alot of people worry about getting old. No matter how old you get there will always be a lot of people out there older than you. The problem is that the longer you live the more people are born and thus younger than you and the people older than you start dying off.
* It is invisible except for the solid part.
* A blink is two simultaneous winks.
* How many people are just one of you?
* How many keys are on your keyboard? Wow how many cars or houses do you have?
* Do you like to answer questions in sequence?
* To someone wearing Headphones:  Hey man, why does your necklace start in your ears?
* You can call me anytime except now and the past.
* How many friends do you have?  Name zero of them.
* Chronologically what is your first name?
* How many times a day do you eat lunch?
* My star power is too much because I got a star in cereal and a power munch consumed it.
* Have you ever wished you were dead and it came true but you had 3 wishes so here you are now?
* This song sucks, it is too short.. oh wait it is still going.
* I have lived long enough to know how to die.
* So if you are afraid of heights then you fall asleep in caves?
* I can sound like forks if I bang them together.
* I wish I had an acquaintance who frequently utilized the phrase "my friend" so that I may feel well liked.
* toodleoooooohhnooooo
* Have you ever high fived your clock at five o'clock?
* her blanket is a storch that takes the computer under the linen horse socket
* I like your chair, I hate it so much!

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Monday, April 19, 2010
New Comedy Quotes Collection:
The Twenty-Eighthornaltude

No Census Is Worth These Questions
1. I'm taking a reverse census. Where are you not from?
2. There were here. Where?
3. Which one of you is the other one?
4. If you can read this say "I can't read."
5. Have you met your friends yet?
6. Name someone you've never even heard of.

7. Do you make your own hair, do you grow it yourself?
8. How many books are in your eyebrow?(Zero is the obvious answer).
9. If you had no face would you be able to face in a given direction?
10. Does your clock talk? Does it tell time? Well if it tells time it talks right?
11. If <3 is love is >3 hate?
12. How old was earth on the last Earth Day, that is its birthday right?
13. How long is now?

14. Is this that thing I've heard so none about?
15. Byron Inc? That guy misspelled ink on his sign why would anyone want to buy ink from him now?

16. Hey it has been a while, is one still a number?

No Questions Are Worth These Answers
1. Yo yo yo, that is my new invention its the sequel to the yoyo.
2. I'm so bad at rollerskating I can't even standstillerskate.
3. What is my taste in music? I prefer bluegrass to rock because grass is more of a food.
4. I wish all Canadians would say eh like Fonzie says Eyyy!
5. I'm a man of the world. All of my clothes are imported.
My shirt was made in Gatar. My pants were made in Bangladesh. My underwear was made in Honduras. My shoes were made in China.
6. I talk so fast, I talk at the speed of sound.

7. This is not a show but a tell.
8. Running into a Volley of Green
9. Thanks for nothin' because I like nothing.
10. This song is too mellow it should be more mtn dew.
11. Yo Imma roll out, I'll catch you on the flop side because the flip side just doesn't do it for me.

12. I thought mirrors were me because wherever I see one there I am.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010
Reviews, Single Link Downloads, In Page Streams, & All Related Artwork now on all 28 MARS releases from 2004 including the previously unavailable Backtracking.
Friday, April 30, 2010
Reviews, Single Link Downloads, In Page Streams, & All Related Artwork now on all 4 MARS releases from 2005 & 7 releases from 2007.