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New Lyrics:  We are you

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Monday, May 24, 2010
Lyrics: We are you
If I believed in you I would have set you free
But you don't know anything
You try to smile you fake to breathe
And if I'm going on and on for much too much time
You can be me and we will believe that I was all wrong

I've got myself
In my pocket
I don't need help
In my pocket I can't lose my self

If I had the ability to give you nobility I would have but silly me
You can no longer breathe and you fake your smile
You don't know anything except that you don't want to be the same
And I am here with you knowing I am not able to fix this
I'm sinking father in my grave and you knew this because we are you

Can I see some identification
Because I don't want to admit that I'm the same one as you
Again I become myself
I fall for you
You die for me
And it gets us nothing
If I could save you I would be a stranger because I am you I am in danger
I don't want to be myself, I don't want to be someone else
So how can I save myself when we are I & I am not you yet here I am and there you go
Apparently split in half but walking in tow