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Monday, July 12, 2010
Jibber Jabber 2010 Updated
• I just can't watch Man vs. Food it makes me hungry, covetous, and jealous. :(
•  Genesis has NES in the word. GeNESis. So it turns out Genesis does what Nintendid.
• So after 20+ years I've finally realized that the pipes in the Mario Bros games may have something to do with the Mario Bros being plumbers. I was 17 before I realized that T-shirts were T-shaped (but of course so are all shirts with sleeves).
• Slang words suck daddio
• If anyone has an egg crate cushion and 100 eggs to put in it I will lay on it and it will be fun and messy.
• Just realized that crackers are white and there may be a correlation between this and its slang usage referring to caucasians.
• I don't accept your except.
• Who ever turned 21 on 7/7/07 must have had a cool birthday.
• So......ap
• Easter is the day we remember the death on the cross of Jesus Christ but every day we are to live in His life.
• I am eating pre-wine.
• Once fought a miner rat with a laser hat in the subway of a floating city, but that is an NES game for you.
• And then I typed in this status message. And.. that is the whole story.

This is an arrow that doesn't point.

• My Talk the Talk Challenge for Flower:  I am not like a flower because if you blow on me I will not break and I will not bend. So give me my time because I'm always in bloom and my season never ends.
• My 5th anniversary of YouTube Story:  I uploaded a bunch of videos and almost no one watched or commented on any of them. Oh and my video for Punch My Cat in the Face got flagged.
• I am considered smart enough by my peers to where if I say something stupidly implausible people will question basic reality.
• I'm taking a poll. Do you think it is ok to take a pole?
• What if I intentionally paid the wrong person the right price?
• Thanks to U-Verse for never letting me go very long at all without internet connectivity. Unless it is off when I'm asleep.. I better stay awake 24/7 just to be sure..
• Just got the Greater Memphis phonebook and I am thrilled! I thought the regular Memphis phonebook was as good as it gets, boy was I wrong! ... Wait so if this is the Greater.. that must mean there is a greatest on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Two too much too
• I'll remember that right now.
• But wait there's more.. if you act now or later
• I have grown increasingly fond of bullets. Uh this kind, •.
• Friends know each other? Oh now I get it!
• It is not good to say the coolest things because that would be cold.
• I'm from 11ic-1.
• Since I live in the central time zone does that mean I will live one hour longer than those in the eastern time zone or does it mean I will die one hour sooner?
• I hate the US because it is a hypocrite but the A is good.
• I like stupid questions?
• Accidents are a bad addiction.
• I know people get bug bites but who has gotten chewed on by a bug?
• I over came to a birthday party once. I thought it was bi-annual instead of annual.
• When I turn 25 I'll be 300 months old which should I celebrate more?
• Da Emp is roll'd time out ferrets..
• Turn your spelling errors into succes!
• If you no longer fear me Piemerica.org is a real place of mine with art and sounds and lights (if your monitor is lit).

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Jibber Jabber 2009 Updated
Emperor MAR at the End of the Decade
* I can still say 'ot next decade (and the rest of the century) if I word the years per this example "2 'ot 10"  Discovering this pains me because I could have been saying 2 'ot 'ot 9
* Getting ready to say goodbye to the last decade of the decade.
* Hopes his eastern time zone friends don't ruin his new year. If they do he'll just have to take it out on his Mountain and Pacific time zone friends.
* Feels bad for all the kids to be born at 11:59 tonight. They'll have to wait all year for their birthday. Kids born at 12:00 tomorrow will get to have their birthday right at the beginning of the year.

Ultra Personal Status Updates
* On my 24th birthday:  Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. This has been my happiest birthday in at least a year and ranks in the top 24 for sure!
* Some times I write on my Facebook wall but usually I don't. Look at my wall and do the math if you don't believe me.
* Food Dood postponed due to: tiredness, onions, lack of funds/puns, slanted forks, sack of transportations, laziness, September ending, and most of all the 7% left unfinished. Also about injury, fatigue, and a mysterious black envelope
* November 7:  Just trimmed the longest beard I've ever had. Now I have phantom beard syndrome.

Until last year I thought the message when the Sega Genesis boots up said "Produced by Dr Under License by Sega Enterprises Ltd." Then I finally took a good look and took a second to think and realized it says "OR" not "DR"

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Lyrics: I want you to know "no"
You trace back and you feel your heart attack but it's so useless
Because you don't attack yourself anymore
You feel cold. If only you were so bold to be useless
And you would use yourself for warmth
You don't eat your heart out you just let it rot
And you poison it to make it worse

What you have is beautiful
But the beholder does not have what it has held
You put it in but you take it out when you feel futile
And you can't ignore it anymore
What you do ignore is better than what you are using
And I have never beheld a user so useless
You use less of you mind, less of your heart
And you push them aside
You are dropping gold and life for a crime that punishes itself

And you
Why won't you die? Why won't you die?
But you see all this is true.. because you're still alive
I put everything on your plate but you still go reprobate
And yes I just want you to know "no"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
New Scripture Collection on New Blog
God is the Source of All Good