The Prepreprequel
The Preprequel
The Pre-quill
Banana Brot
Grey Spray Painted Windows
Who is the sandwich?
That's not
Time Inside Flowers
A Van of Regular Turtles.
One Day They Will Take Our Faces Too
More colors than you could imagine with your heart


Noise Tickets in My Housing Larsk
Danger Keeping
Carrots in the Wind...
Six to Eight
A billowing nudge of unknown colors.
The Cop Show Without Guns
Renophone bilg


Dust Carried to Land
Orbit without the sun.
Bending Colors
I'm out of .
Strange Man with Speaking Feature
Fresh Anchors
Lakes in Boxes
....Undelivered Master Cherries..
Incremental High 5
Just in time for now!

Just in time for too late..
I can't keep   .
Heading to the Footer
I'm room temp with that
No tastetrack in sub-mid-air (with artificial nodding)
All my clocks on a bridge
Octomop Replacement Savages

Raincoat odometer avalanche disguise.
Jagged cats file oatmeal receipts.
A Stas by Stas Stasis
Reverse infection cures everything.
The most hyperbolic thing I've ever heard!

Other Swood Exclusives
Revoyage to the House