0- Don't worry little grape the tree will not shed its corn tonight. You know the barber is in the graveyard eating its kite. Soon & very wakely tossed a bone unto a past. Thinks it's only faking as it laughs its last craft. Comb more than a circuit. Great treat docile lawn. Making a crown, I um not say phone leak. See tin I admire little cost. Fan bent a 4 in lay take. But slow can crop saving clocks is the #1 scrape~ing.

0.5- March too long, fake tragedy chrome wall. But a train contains fame over all deserts. Blue rainbow is faking it taking it. Red rainbow nothing left something fed. Growing unconsciousness riding untalented you're so scared fridge. Moving hole in the ground so so cold. Appointment to get reborn, entroachment churn. Never had a chance never wanted it. No choice to give, that phantom's sure to live. Drinking stream for cranes.

1- Courtyard basket sign. My muffin walks around like it don't know anything. Dedicated harnesses waiting for crumbs. My shattered bowl deserves only the best. Cordless phones filled with gravy & cream corn toes. Pour grease all over your car from the sausage you ate yesterday.

1.5- Walk as far as you can to Cleveland even though you live there already. Baby sniffing off locating. I dress up in Landor Falls. Is everything just reality or some kind of goat? Living & dying & comb. If it's safe for fleas, so can you? Grape thief sitting at a taste. Softy yams, Arbor Day. Like no? Great! Climb waiting for a painting to get off its lazy bum & clean my table. That is why I don't throw out Gore. Flipping & flopping on Few Sears Day. Chew dumb have fun with acres of b(p)late.

2- Throw a basesball bat at the sun. Break my fake oriented limbo dog who tries to knock down a wall with a trip to the Bahamas. Love ing strawberries hanging out with vampire bats somebody tell me what is with that. Blueberry dwarfs sticking to the ceiling for no reason.

2.5- Pin up a fame enough for another. Speeder saving kinds, apeonize feast o' liberal ease. A+ at a go. We could've hot. Beens so Hong Kong (King Kong?). Savant crotchety lavender. Summer pays too ways haversack plod. All bedaub grandee bloc. Cembalo very taffy. open it, doven in, ock! Avid & avid & avid. Strong?, all I need is to be.. SAKE!

3- Strap me to a broken tune. Send me to that spaghetti straw realistic moon. I'll trade you my key for an hour of digging in the sand with my face. Rabid strongholds tear apart your self-ambition which you got from a bar of soap that came out a box which you thoughted in.

3.5- Ha, Ha! I beat you to the punch. Though I wish I didn't cause it really hurt my nose. (Conf.?)Can of fiddles, play, & 5 card suits? Lamination hat bake a kennel stoop? Habitation egg hab a nibble loop? Ready for a sad preview of sip & globe? Faced with a traced bitter haste fib kid sod I live? Push round. Cave out&cave out&cave out^? Favor;slave;apple;ton;seap.

4- Swimming sofas loop together in a barb wire fence from the back of a cereal box. Cardboard noses made of plastic. Who got here first & ate my cilantro? Weaving a trade market autohat pat. Straws dug into my record. I can't take much more of this film tripod trees with no wheels that's why they lost the war.

4.5- Everybody, who is ready for a huge party tonight celebrating if. In the sameling stray for I ungive you a lap. Tree lamb wretched combed philosophy. Est.

5- Nothing left but 15.5! At what time did you arrive to the zoo with everything except a single human being. Toured salesmen in the street try on different pairs of feet, ever since they made that law in 2041. Is my learning center teaching me to sleep? Are these sets of Kool-aid really neat or crabbed? Change the finger you write on with a blackberry catalog. Cover to cover of solid borax cola.

5.5- Fin o' mane. Band o' Kane. Two pins angry. Van poke deed. Harlem oat sleeve. Candle late seem. Fatal safe. In d'oh all turn. Full o' keen kerosene. Cold bait moon is looming a tune on its faltering broom. Make Waldo's seat burn at a single touch of a piece of ice. Time soaks laster in thuh noise. Pisarňn condors a fone. A can o'. Fast a pan o'. Lock the hoagie. Hyme love farms & in toured D Don. O wind taint a ünd. Holster stan o' matic now on sale for the copper eaters. Is a home a dome of cheat. Tis dis onet. Tyco is suffering copyright infringement now. Hydro implement indiglow beans, don't confess (consuit?) Over planping. Static Don't tell the door!! Happy make a hog out of vase!! Inseprate I meant some toenails!! Goo fever is aid. Gag one solid born cave!! Gap hit a lamb o' fork haven!! Hidden organ under a hoop of stun!! Harken, Horken, Hurkin. Blate in dome I deem cord auto clean observe sain. Seat fate on flow soon in deer saddle odd job lane. Chotter condo idle ton folk. My vacuum cleaner is sofa!! Wait go wait!! Cloud bleeding knife and toe beam drop!! Unleash mine rabid cans of yellow potatoing carr(bean)ot.

5.5.5- To Whomever It Concerns: Olive scaling meek. Seeking axis heaping on shutters. Undiobedience= ceiling as you should! Fake uncles shatter at famine delight, of. Fat draft in a perty carp As leaking goes sit on a at. Cradle me in your have. Laced trolley or sized. Waste of Aim Some baste. Lambing sag fun.

6- Bags of mice get thrown at boats from the top of an emperor's coat. That's originally made out of garbage cans manufactured with lime. Nothing but clear silent scolding behind. Nothing but Laundromats hanging off vines ahead a head.

6.5- Many Limb know not the joy of creek. Far to sod unflow lot decree. For in sequined asking, photo clasping, contrabanding, also traveling, face on donuts. I can tell ultrasnake is oh so drill. Penguin drafting, elastic mask peach, major silent unfused petrol. I can tell lits maul soapy timeless smelt. Vulture hot thick, acrobatic, mulch o' matic, free throw tasking, unsavory beetle connoisseur. I can tell citrus blast me caramel. Soft graffiti, egg roll calligraphy, hollow ghost surrender meat, phonograph stating "I'm not cook well." Key selling perfume, allegro curb dew, Fisty maid grip, salt mercedes, I grow fairies, not very lasering, nacho say dowe, octopus cape furring ,stencil laboring. Aught grow fell outro deity follow scale. For every Pedro creamery, dice mow acher fees, find ok loo t's, century anemones, foul coat weave celebrities. Just as well states unstale wordless maples starting out. See no way we seat belt transcend, I'm about. Extroskeletin suburban doubt. Arose date Keep, unsure father's sow. Fit cool solid toiletized, we're not flavored bleach. Light on a stone fly, fed up furn to say, "I've sewn decory all trust bow mule as." Marker set do leaf, taste most stem. Sought he sorrow, font comma cule feast. Neon scroll fumble, fetus do car destined. One more mold salami in this flag.

7- I think it is funny when someone falls down but nothing is as sold as that bitter feud between Superman & some dude. My block celery likes to eat grapes. Sogg my portable star in the foot. It's a fundamental street sign with a love for bolt torque. Money is worth nothing if you don't have it. Shove my head into a shoe, smells so bad I can't even say pew. Pass out on to a pile of cuticle glue. Meat droppings all over the plane. Use up all my useless things. A compilation of heartless shrimp baskets like a bunch of oyster drenched raccoons. Homeless are not a consequence in the conspiracy against the fence. Soaring eagles stored in a cup full of broom. Corsican limousines aren't you glad you have a chicken scratch spleen? It's lying on the floor with a giant garage collapsed by the kicking of sod. Electric currents total Folk, magma bathing suits made for a child. The total evidence of what this maybe it was made up by some one or me. Run off the road & onto a tree. Cooking videos. Melt my fire. A stage song written about barb wire clots. Believe me man you got to try Mott's it's a real food. Convoluted railing in the shape of shark's teeth means nothing if you're sleeping in the garden with a hose that spews skyscrapers. Broken cargo steals the show actors go home crying once more. Cataclysmic window washing. Ignoble scratching post. Airway City is under water right now! My cold sand boot rakes a clock. Oh how the forward injure the bought. In the cold night I will sleep well, as my socks fight over the bell. The hallway glistens with the sounds of dead air. My flat square building peels my fork, like I never even had a cat. I will floss my back for a single gram of cork! The stamp bill collectors are knocking up my leaf. I am hiding under the atomless floor pulling beef, screaming chairs, milky chains, basketball mozzarella & limp post card stew. Soar men will follow apple steel cream pool. Loud worse can't too peas. Plates are wearing gingerbread beads. Tape line container of sloping trot. Mustard skiing torches leave my leg in an air of cellular phones. See I. Wuh? No be! Can't leave a toll. Lob took a slow Lee at for cool a mint. Chloroplast took a box of mental compass city. Chlorophyll fat farm for twigs. My can of soda fills a small lip. Admit rather a leprechaun paper sword. Corn mono bull add. Sleeping ladders on the plateau. Laughing pole fees. It is a show that. Eight C4. Is the time? Sleeking Pat wool sewed up a sign. Lightpost cereal tosses Trix at cloudy dimes. Nothing cuts paint better than police sirens. Master Bees plotting our sapienism. Synthesized hot platypuses boil in the ice pot. Toothless dentists serving clogs. Rapscallions Impose on, 40 feet tall. I'mn't could of've hadsn't Trogg arcade. Sorghum celery right out of the shin. Stir crazy butterflies with big sticks. Fresh juice anyone who has a hedger. Strategically planned breathing for the week. Salmonella flavored arm chair covers. Looking over castles face down in the mud. Smote clean dishes with eye liner. We Ed wented toed thed parked anded tooked a Ed Strolled. Weing wenting toing theing parking anding tooking aing strolling. Clear wood amebas wearing my shirt. reI rewent reto reunder rethe resun. unI unwent unto ununder unthe unsun. Low flying cannonballs look out shuttles. Harmless asteroids destroy the earth. Close your chair window. Roast foreign I be list for a knob in. Fake snow made out of melted marshmallows doesn't make a very good movie prop. Cabbage sitting on an earthquake surfboard. Don't pull the plug on the trees cause there'll be no air, that's what the roots really are electrical growing cords. Pretend there's no hens in the ballroom until something goes wrong. Microscopic eclipse in my bathroom. Yacht full of sand in a window wiper windmill can. Flower bought multi-lot down my the sky. Rag percussion during a newscast. Senator plays mop in front of a crowd. Throw the hand parade ala mode. Sinking band rubber eyeballs that are sharp square. Pick up flatter nails for consumption. Bring your nominees for least likely to get nominated. The fire blames the tire for the eggshell mold. Wandering giraffes pulling a bow. Crumbled up bag is a name for a 2 way street. Rocks are laden with carnival seats. The beakers have slipped on mud magnet. Parking available for garbage catchers &/or pipeline eaters. Frisbee who la hats here for a snake cooling. Inadequate horn sport pogs. Going to the drive in with my broken jar & a standing cape. In a wearing suit made of car wax, transistors, & bulbs. What were we thinking when we caught that bold err maybe? Time sure flies by faster when in an underground box. Before youse know it your starting to see a punching bird. Citrus based window wash. Break thing & no far play king Pong. Architecture barrel, shopping sprees. Granulated cement in your tea. Weighted pets got a job on Mod Squad. Cinnamon pinecone lice. Salt water hood carrot phase. Bright blue evergreens sit around a fire discussing who should satire the next wolf. Buy some land canoes from Mr. Scoundrel. How about an instant exploding deer? When the farm animulls get out of control just teach them how to bowl. Like a short film deep sea diver barely fits on the projector last league. Cake sit market laced poo braces. That darling little seed didn't have to be so abrasive. With a port shoved in apple pudding, forgotten B batteries from '36 seek revenge on double A's. They could've been the best! no. why for a double? no. single mess. Quantumsurgeiality in a thrown away paper ball. Shiny & dull ready to spit. Creeping thawing logs banana slit. Paintings on a calculator forged then bought. Same teeth I keep till I'm 2 weeks old. Exstroodle math singers make a request. Ingredients are butter, pork apples, sod hairclips, chairs bolted on, maximum distance, & piece of mind. We plead assistance. Generation to generation of trapezoids. Lemon eye drops for her pleasure. Sweet flavored light liquid dust. Contraband wiggle Slurm only for pirates. Make me some bacon muffins or a mist filled swimming pool with a 200 foot ladder to the bottom. Caramel courage for loaf of said. Being been so took off into the green night. Larva crape moss yum yum yum(2x). Story telling drainpipes tell me this, "Once upon a broken ting or somewhere in the lateral peace. Came a faded paint ripe with its fishings. Ford in hand & WAR albums on leg. Met a solid wall with no paint at all. The wall said to it "Could you help me out, all I have is badger shavings in my mouth. Once I was a slick maid indeed but no one seems to bother me. When I lost my paint I lost my will." "What a terrible thing happen to a still." said the faded paint against its will. "Maybe I should help you I'm not ashamed." The bricks of the building all applauded & sang, "We war fat buns that's who a blend new Concord. We will strap more laceless frog all or more. Eat my glass board on the inside #3rd floor. You've brought hope to these ole bricks & building with maggot covered floors." Then paint said look out with a rumbling shout "someone is rigging those maggot boards!" "Demonishliers!" yelled the bricks & then crumbled down forever more. Then the mailbox across the street said, "Its only 11 more days till Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day. So lets all join in the fun. On November 13th this year. Its a terrible thing when this happens to a building. I know I've illegally read so many mail about this so, Woo he he ha ha hey hey Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day. Sleep well tonight paint for the 13th we'll get our revenge the conspiracy way. What's that man doing in my yard! Pouring pliers on my bed! Stop Sleeping outside economic! Leak more than the score board! Scrape light thievery! If not for (The Joe) our generation would be flawed! Children would throw lamps & break them on their backyard ponds! The scales are getting low! Life long lasting gnomes for a ticking spider! Oceans swallowed hole switch board not my life pour! Fish fin de sauder, I'm important, I'm deportant now! Cold brisket fill my face with anticipation! Not my creed, not my sulk, not my sow! Breathing is auxiliary! Who's tooth load fiddle key! Sniping blow solid wind blow! Don't leave the cable, all you levered! Moccasin nail parked in to! Skeet like no cringe! Shame on your dairy, lift three prong! Cape its no just for Superheroes anymore! Sky gone! Yolk not touch strange! That's like telling a creek to king crop a fill sock ao bye bye!!" This brings me to another story. I was born in 1867. I spent my days in Splangy Town as a computer harvester. Had a problem with the government one day. I asked where is city hall. They said to me its not around here its 5,000 miles east. So I packed up all my things, I headed out. When I got to that old cave filled with bats. I said to the receptionist simply replied the mayor will see you now. I looked at the major he was just a skeleton in a chair. I thought they got a quite freaky major. I took out my potato & shoved it in his mouth saying eat major eat major. His head snapped off so I guess I tried too hard. I went back to the town it only took 16 more years. They said you killed the major, now you must suffer punishment. Now you are the major! By the time I got there it was 1956. I was 89 years old. I picked up the old maggot ridden potato & ate. I died June 9, 1956. Electric Choctaws steaming up the woods. Revolving dinner plates all over your car hood. Cat pulling traps mix the kite as you should. Cactus morphing interface blinking stone macaroni wood. Short blow lye my stoop lake horde. Mix & max motor bowl cheap China full gram. Lock cord leer pour. Melt or side sign. Cage like a top so to pie take a sty.  Streaking dates on call in dwarf. Don't forget crock pot stopp. Desk fence chalk slime ravioli. Boar do cut try load me. Bell tack metal tours. 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Written by: (The Joe)
& some extra verses by: Michael Reyes

10/27,30,31/00; 11/1,2,6,8,9,10,16,17,27/00; 12/1,5,6,7,11,15/00; 1/11/01; 11/26,28,29/01; 2/4,11,12,13,22/02; 11/15/02