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To learn about what Piemerica is please visit About Us.
Navigation The term House, instead of Home, is used on the pages of the primary site. The term Screen Door is used to navigate to the entrance page. Likewise the term Regular Door is used to navigate to the index/contents page. Hovering over links on the contents page gives brief descriptions of them much like the descriptions found on this page.
index2.htmGives links to most all of the places related to Piemerica & things on the site.
All links labeled as house lead to this page.
What The Eat?The page that introduces the site & tells a little about it, it is the 2nd page the site ever had.
UpdatesWhere the site's most recent updates are listed. There is also an archive of previous updates going back to January 8, 2003.
Formerly known as Daily Update when our site was updated everyday.
MultimediaA multimedia site containing complete links, music, videos, games, wallpapers, & other downloadable goodies.
Piemerican KnewsComedic knews stories about the sometimes fictional nation of Piemerica.
LessonsLessons are informative comedic statements.
Lyrics & PoemsText only songs that range through a variety of themes: personal, stream of consciousness, man vs. sin, romantic love, wordplay, redemption, praise, other Christian themes, depression, layers of meaning, society, story telling, & also comedy/parody.
Enornal FornitudesCollections of original phrases, quotes, & favorites from others.
Advice OvenAn advice column by Emperor MAR displaying his amazing intelligence or lack of it.
Book Drinking CentralEverything about Drinking Books, an invention by (The Joe).
ScriptsComedy sketches, plays, and shows.
SpeechesWhen going to school (The Joe) Legend & Laslo PanafleX made famed comedic and senseless speeches. The written forms are found here.
Top 3Top 3 lists with humorous results.
Tae Kwon DumbVideos and move lists of a martial art used to fight the war within. Most moves involve injuring one's self.
AdvertisementsFunny fake advertisements made by Piemerica.
Information and History:
About UsA great wiki page introduction to Piemerica which also lists it's many accomplishments.
LingoDefinitions of words and word usages created or coined by Piemerica.
HistoryThe history of Piemerica, Piemericans, and its creative productions.
EncyclopediaLists of categorized ideas with links and information.
Old IndexesArchive of Previous Indexes & Intro pages because those pages change the most.
Mail CollectionE-mails & Messages sent from Piemerica to its Piemericans or the general public.
Site GuideDescribes site links.
Pledge of PielegianceThe Pledge of Pielegiance the pledge of Piemerica.
StoriesStories mostly funny & confusing.
JournalsA collection of school commanded journals written over the years.
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?The primary comic & character driven device of Piemerica from 1999-2003. A television length AudiOcular program from 2007.
The darkened Reality of Real-EstateThe bizarre & cryptic comic series considered Piemerica's best.
Piemerican MagazineFull issues and information for this comedy magazine.
Piemerican Elementary KnewsA short lived comedy knewsletter for an elementary school.
Piemerica Christmas CatalogA yearly comedy catalog featuring fake and real products.
Lesson Mania!Piemerica's first major book containing over 1,000 lessons. Currently links to the Lessons section.
(The Joe)'s AutobiographyAn unfinished epic comedy autobiography telling the story of (The Joe) spanning over 1,000 years.
The Essentialness of EssentialityThe first completed Piemerican Book, which is strange and hyperbolic look at the requirements of being.
MARSExperimental, Electronic music by Emperor MAR alone.
Rose Garden DreamThe band of Piemerica who recorded Piemerican Disc
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.A RADIOHEAD website by Emperor MAR with extensive information on RADIOHEAD's early days as On A Friday
Photos GalleriesPhotos of living beings in or around Piemerica. Mostly of that handsome chap Emperor MAR from the cradle to the grave
Meet PiemericaProfiles of the People of Piemerica with related links if any. Also contains a page profiling anyone who had involvement in creating something on the site.
Emperor MARFounder and Operator of Piemerica
Empress LoriEmperor MAR's Wife
JoenanPiemerica's Top Citizen and major contributor.
Laslo PanafleXFocuses on Piemerican Laslo PanafleX who is funny & deranged. He was a creative force which helped form early Piemerica.
Egg/MuzzzFan and contributor of Piemerica
RenderingsDrawings & art depicting Emperor MAR.
More Piemerica:
Piemerica ShoppeReal items for sale all guaranteed to be perfect or less.
Piemerican AirlinesComedy site about an airline
Guest Book DrinkGuest book
PieuroSection & site link to Piemerica's subsidiary Pieuro which was run by }The Joemeister{.
MySpaceFor friends and fans.
Equal Non-Equal Neutral:
Main Index
An epic lyrical song and its related artwork considered to be the strangest thing in all of Piemerica.
The SongLyrics of the epic song
Art Book23 Pages of Piemerica at its creative pinnacle
Freezer Freezer Problem21 Page Spin off art book
The JourneyA bizarre misleading web journey that contains lyrics from the song Equal Non-Equal Neutral that is also found there. Any updates to the section beside main lyrics will not be directly linked to you must find it yourself. This was the 1st official section on this site.
SurveySurvey taken by some people which originally appeared in the Art Book
Jibber JabberMiscellaneous words and clippings, the creative dump of the site.
Banana TowelsMiscellaneous link section for items which fit in categories to small or no categories at all.
'ot 6 ReviewCollection of scripts where Emperor MAR and (The Joe) talk about the year 1906.
HelpVery old page made by Emperor MAR when the site started & when we had no pictures of pie.
FramesFor Easier site navigation use frames.
No FramesNo Frames, links to index2.htm
LinksComplete External links as well as links to archived versions of the site.
Entrance IndexThe first page of the site

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