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Globe Hat
Origin:  The Globe Hat originated in concept art for a pseudo band called P-I-E. It was made as a back cover for the concept album One World Nation Live.
Links:  Globe Hat Comic
Date of Origin:  Early 1999

Skillet Hat
Major Links: Skillet Hats Fashionable & Conservative Speech, The History of the Skillet Hat, Skillet Hats Speech Preparation, Skillet Hats Speech SetupSkillet Hats: Using Techniques for Introductions
Minor Links:  Petition, What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?, Enornal Fournitude #12.8, Foreign Fornitude #4 & #10, (The Joe)'s Book Drinking Alphabet W
Comic Appearances:  Old (The Joe) & his grandson, Old (The Joe)'s grandson as an old man, (The Joe) vs. the skillet hat, Renderings 2000, Hillbilly
Date of Origin:  October 9, 2000
Skillet Hat Version 2
Emperor MAR's Halloween Costume -October 31, 2005The Skillet Hat! -November 1, 2005

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