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  • =|=
    Definition:  Epic
    Origin:  The Piemerican symbol meaning epic created in 1999 for Piemerican concept bands.
  • ‘ot 6
    Definition:  The Year 1906; Sometimes the year 2006
  • Adjective Glass
    Definition:  Wad Up?
    Origin:  Conversation between The D.G. & Emperor MAR –Summer 2000
  • Adjective Glass Catalog
    Definition: What is up friend?
    Origin: Piemerican code for the only way to say "What is up friend?" It came from the code phrase made earlier in that conversation with the DG "Broken Glass" where Broken meant Word & Glass meant up Catalog can mean things which are slang for friend (Homie, Dog, Buddy, Pal, etc). Catalog became the most popular word from the code.
  • Advice Oven
    Definition:  An advice column by Emperor MAR
  • Arfticial
    Definition:  Artificial Official
    Origin:  Typo of Artificial when officially titling song of Muzzz (Arfticial Mix)
  • Antitester
    Definition:  One who opposes a protest
    Origin:  Piemerican Magazine #1- Way too late Summer June -Summer 2001
    Link:  I got this word into Urban Dictionary
  • Annoise
    Definition:  An annoying noise.
    Origin:  Melody Joy Reyes —September 26, 2014
    After hearing tire road noise for minutes Melody switched from saying, noise to annoise, the first term she !
  • Anycard
    Definition:  Anyway
    Origin:  Laslo PanafleX
    Link:  retextafated accord
  • Archaisize
    Definition:  Make Obsolete
  • AudiOcular
    Definition:  An Audio/Visual Presentation
    Variants:  AO
    Origin:  Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? AudiOcular Manifestation
  • AudiOcular Manifestation
    Definition:  An Audio/Visual presentation in television programming format but not viewed on television (like a television show)
    Variants:  AO Ation
    Origin:  Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? AudiOcular Manifestation
  • Banana Towel
    Definition:  A miscellaneous item.
    Origin:  Laslo PanafleX -December 6, 2000
    Link:  Banana Towels Section; Flex in the Pan
  • Beeb
    Definition:  N/A
  • bingo
    Definition:  a forwards dingo
  • Blacrustbreading
    Definition:  The toasting of bread
    Origin:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography
  • Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
    Definition:  The name of the primary comic & character driven device of Piemerica. It was a fake tv show & a planned movie.
    Translation of the actual phrase:
    Man 1: Boo! Man 1 tries to scare Man 2
    Man 2: Bub? (Meaning "Did you say bub?")
    Man 1: Boo. (Meaning "I said Boo.")
    Man 2: Bluh? (Meaning Man 2 is a complete idiot anyway & doesn't understand)
    Origin: One day a fellow asked Emperor MAR at the lunch table why the show had no name & he said "Well if I gave it a name it would just be something stupid like boobubboobluh. Hey wait that is a great name" Emperor MAR then slowed down the saying of the slurred words & it came out as Boo Bub Boo Bluh –October 1999
    Link: Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
  • Book Drinking
    Definition:  The act of Drinking Books
    Origin:  (The Joe) -September 2000
    Photo: 1 2
    Link: Book Drinking Central
  • Book Drinker
    Definition:  One who commonly drinks books
  • Bookard
    Definition:  One who drinks books unto a delusional state
  • Bookardly
    Definition:  To act as if a Bookard
  • Bookdrinkilization
    Definition:  The knowledge of Book Drinking
  • Book Shelf
    Definition:  Equivalent to a book keg

  • Bootiful
    Definition:  Beauty that is envied.
    Sentence Usage:  She is soo bootiful. I hate her!
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -December 2004
    Link:  I got this word into Urban Dictionary
  • Booyay
    Definition:  A boo & a yay combinded (to be used in love/hate relationships)
    Origin:  Created by Emperor MAR in the early 90s.
  • Brojak
    Definition:  Goodbye; Brother
    Origin:  Backwards version of Kajorb invented by Egg/Muzzz
  • Broken
    Definition:  Word
    Origin:  Conversation between The D.G. & Emperor MAR –Summer 2000
  • Bucka Sandwich
    Definition:  A chicken sandwich that costs one dollar.
    Origin:  Term coined December 2005, defined March 2010
    Link:  I got this word into Urban Dictionary
  • Capsy
    Definition:  Friend or a synonym thereof
  • Catalog
    Definition:  Friend or a synonym thereof
    Origin:  Conversation between The D.G. & Emperor MAR –Summer 2000
  • Catastrospheric
    Definition:  of or relating to catastrophe or Catastrosphere
    Origin:  Title of Episode of the darkened Reality of Real-Estates
  • Chronchive
    Definition:  A Chronological Archive
  • Citizen
    Definition:  A son of the city
  • Classique
    Definition:  A classier version of the word classic.
  • Conspiracy Beating
    Definition:  A physical beating carried out by dozens of people.
    Origin:  (The Joe) and Laslo PanafleX -2000
  • Coatacopia
    Definition:  A coat of many colors which can become warmer by adding coats of paint.
  • Congradualations
    Definition:  Slow and hardly noticible congradulations.
  • Coolsville
    Definition:  Great; Awesome; Fantastic
    Sentence Usage:  That is coolsville daddio.
    Sentence Translation:  That is awesome dude.
  • Coondeiz
    Definition:  The third hour on Tuesday
    Origin:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography Ch. 2
  • Crapscpectation
    Definition:  A very low expectation.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR, ateaseweb June 3, 2004
  • Deppor
    Definition:  Gain money
  • Dequeath
    Definition:  When a ghost robs you for squandering your inheritance.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR, September 2017
  • Dingo
    Definition:  a backwards bingo
  • Dired
    Definition:  A dire tired
  • Dirtwizard
    Definition:  a black dog
    Origin:  Piemerican Magazine #1- In depth 'ot 6 Review
  • Dismemories
    Definition:  Refabricated memories
  • Doorce, Dorce
    Definition:  The force used to open a door and utilizing a tum to do so
  • Dove Bumps
    Definition:  Goose bumps for darlings because doves are more a more pleaseing bird than geese.
    Sentence Usage:  My daugther doesn't get goose bumps, she gets dove bumps.
    Origin:  9/21/14
  • Drocdurb
    Definition: A measurement of time where one drocdurb equals a fulpnurb of siklavs
    Origin:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography Ch. 2
  • Emoticon
    Definition: An Emotional Prisoner
    Sentence Usage:  He was an emoticon of her love.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -December 2004
  • Enornal Fornitude
    Definition:  Emperor MAR, Who he is, what he says (Enornal by itself has no definiton)
    Origin:  Two made up words that Emperor MAR felt sounded well together. –August 1999
  • Epicsode
    Definition:  Epic episode
  • Equal Non-Equal Neutral
    Definition:  A very long lyrical song written by (The Joe) Legend & Emperor MAR, also works in relation to the song such as artwork
    Abbreviation: EN-EN
    Origin:  The song began without a name and the text file of lyrics needed to be saved to a PC so the filename = = = was used. When discussing this with Laslo PanafleX, (The Joe) was encouraged to use a form of that name. -November 2000
  • Farebucket
    Definition: Farewell
  • Fornitude
    Definition:  A collection of Mr. Piemerica’s personal quotes, catch phrases, & favorite quotes of others.
    Origin:  Part of two made up words that Emperor MAR felt sounded well together. –August 1999
    Link:  Fornitudes
  • Freezergoblin
    Definition: The Present Tense
  • Full Stuttering
    Definition: Repeating oneself with full words
  • Fulpnurb
    Definition: A measurement of time
    Origin:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography Ch. 2
  • Future
    Definition: The name for a gift already purchased until the gift is given away then it becomes a present.
    Origin:  2006 Piemerica Christmas Catalog
  • Giddiot
    Definition:  A giddy idiot.
  • Golfulate
    Definition:  To go golfing or to go to the golf course
    Variants:  Golfulating
    Origin:  Joenan created this word –May 2005
    Links: Golfulating Photo Galleries II III IV VI VII
  • Greedings
    Definition:  A way of greeting someone whom you intend to steal from.
    Origin:  2/28/05 conversation with wisper
  • Greefings
    Definition:  What you say when you are sad to see someone
    Origin:  Possibly 7/10/05 Convo with Egg/Muzzz
  • Hep
    Definition:  “Way past cool” ~Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sentence Usage:  (The Joe) is hep!
    Sentence Translation:  (The Joe) is the coolest & more!
    Variants:  Heppest
  • Houmse
    Definition:  A house that is a home
    Origin:  Reverse Wax Lightning Pillow -November 29, 2004
  • Huh?larious
    Definition:  Confusing but funny
  • Hungrey
    Definition:  A long standing hunger that you are tired of having.
    Origin:  Melody Joy Reyes —September 28, 2014
  • I'd eal
    Definition:  Consider ideal
    Sentence Usage:  That's what I'd eal.
  • Imperson
    Definition:  A faker; A phony
    Origin:  Lazy Attacks Lyrics
  • InteliGiant
    Definition:  One with immense intelligence
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -2006
  • ios
    Definition:  The cool new way of saying Cheerios
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -2015
  • Jibber Jabber
    Definition:  Non-sense, talking non-sense; Miscellaneous items
    Origin:  Mr. T
    Variants:  Jibba Jabba
    Link:  Jibber Jabber Section
  • Jive
    Definition:  Things said to give someone a hard time
    Sentence Usage:  I don’t want any jive from you.
    Sentence Translation:  I don’t you to give me a hard time.
  • Kajorb
    Definition:  The greatest mystery in all of Piemerica.
    Origin:  (The Joe)’s 1816 Speech -January 4, 2001
  • Knews
    Definition:  News with the implication that one already knows it even if one doesn’t.
    Origin:  Piemerican Magazine –Summer 2001
    Link:  Piemerican Knews
  • Kung Food
    Definition:  An extreme eating lifestyle and martial art revolving around defending one's self with or from food.
  • Liveasing
    Definition:  Leaving alive
    Origin:  Emperor & Eggabalt Episode 10 -April 5, 2005
  • Leg Foot
    Definition:  Walk
    Origin:  An idea to use nouns in place of verbs -around 2000
  • Letts
    Definition:  Your name, your letters (as oppsed to digits)
    Origin:  Lemme get yo letts.
  • Logard
    Definition:  Pertaining to a log and/or its milk
    Variants: Logardly
    Origin:  (The Joe)’s Autobiography Milking Logs Chapter –February 17, 2006
  • Lon
    Definition:  (Definition varies, generally an article) That, Those, The, A, An
  • MaXtreme
    Definition:  Buzz word meaning the maximum extreme
  • Merdog
    Definition:  Creature with upper-body of a dog & lower body of a fish.
    Links:  (The Joe)'s Great 1816 Speech, Able to Camp Anvils?
  • Mexercise
    Definition:  A Mexican Exercise
    Origin:  Golfulating IV Audio -5/30/05
  • Militious Beating
    Definition:  A physical beating carried out by a militia
    Origin:  (The Joe) and Laslo PanafleX -2000
  • Milking Logs
    Definition:  The act of milking a log as an alternate way to drink a book
    Origin:  (The Joe) and Laslo PanafleX -Fall 2000
    Photo: 1
  • Mlot
    Definition:  The universal verb
    Origin:  Created by Joenan -July 2004
    Link: MLOT(ech) song info.
  • Nax
    Definition:  Some sort of animal
    Origin:  Kakol Returns Comic- March 31, 2000
  • Nejerk
    Definition:  A nerdy jerk who is impulsive
  • Nitpigging
    Definition:  Being excessively critical & enjoying it, Pigging out on nitpicking
  • Noixl
    Definition:  Noxious pharmaceuticals
  • Novie
    Definition:  A novel based on a movie
    Origin:  A conversation between Emperor MAR & Laslo PanafleX on the Piemerican Message Bored –August 2003
  • Nuay
    Definition:  New way
  • Oldency
    Definition:  Expired currency
    Origin:  7/8/05 Convo with Egg/Muzzz
  • Oppositties
    Definition:  Buddies that are opposites.
    Origin:   9/17/14 Chatous Chat
  • Outsult
    Definition:  An insult that only offends superficially.
  • Overstanding
    Definition:  Knowing too much about something to where you won't shut up about it.
    Origin: 5/26/17-  Understanding is better than overstanding because overstanders won't shut up about what they know.
  • Pager
    Definition:  To take a sip of a book
  • The Pain of Leaf
    Definition:  A very painful & unique skin condition possessed by Emperor MAR
    Origin:  Laslo PanafleX coined the term then it was later tied to MAR's condition stating "For no one knows the pain of leaf"
  • Pensill
    Definition:  The place in a windowsill where you can place pens when the window is open.
    Sentence Usage:  Wiltmore used the pensill to store extra pens because his desk was next to a window.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -July 14, 2009
    Link:  I got this word into Urban Dictionary
  • Perchandise
    Definition:  Merchandise you can purchase
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -2007
  • Pielegiance
    Definition:  Allegiance to pie or Piemerica
    Origin:  The Pledge of Pielegiance which is the earliest staple of Piemerica pre-dating even Pie Comics. –February 1998
  • Piemerica
    Definition:  An organization/simulation nation created by Emperor MAR to use as a title for his creative works.
    Origin:  October 8, 1998 
    Link:  Piemerica.org
  • Piemerican
    Definition:  A member of the Piemerica organization or a citizen of the Piemerica simulation nation
    Link:  Meet Piemerica
  • Piemericore
    Definition:   Hardcore Piemerican Music
  • Pieuro
    Definition:  Piemerica's brother country/organization created by }the Joemeister{, also a former website
    Originally created to oppose Piemerica when {the Joemeister{'s name was left off of the original Meet Piemerica E-mail while vacationing in Hawaii
    Links:  Pieuro; }the Joemeister{
  • Pieuropean
    Definition:  A member of the Pieuro organization or a citizen of the Pieuro simulation nation
  • Poored
    Definition:  Poor and bored
    Emperor MAR -2007
  • Precrastination
    Definition:  A behavior which is characterized by doing things before even knowing what to do.
    Sentence Usage:  Theo was a terrible precrastinator. His precrastination always caused big messes that had to be cleaned up by others.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -2009
    Link:  I got this word into Urban Dictionary
  • Presenteer
    Definition:  A chrononormative person, someone who lives in their birth present, a non-time-traveler.
    Sentence Usage:  We presenteers can step on anything we want, breathe within any proximity we choose & chuck wrappers without regard. It's not like we live in anyone's past.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -April 5, 2017, May I not? joke
  • Quizardry
    Definition:  The art of casting crappy quizzes on people with the peer pressure to take them.
    Emperor MAR -June 4, 2009
    Link:  I got this word into Urban Dictionary
  • Realator
    Definition:  Something unknown
  • Reverse Nosey
    Definition:  One who unneccissarily tells others details of their own life.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR -2009
  • Rockenrolist
    Definition:  Rock n' Roll Scientist
    Origin:  Created by Joenan in this conversation
    Emperor MAR: Are you going to be a rocket scientist when you grow up?
    Joenan: No, I'm gonna be a Rockenrolist
  • Rocktor
    Definition:  One with a PHD in Rock
    Origin:  Created by Joenan in this conversation
    Emperor MAR: Are you going to be a doctor when you grow up?
    Joenan: No, I'm gonna be a Rocktor
  • ropposite
    Definition:  reverse opposite; the same
    Origin:  Emperor MAR in chat with Ditz -2005
  • Sadebration
    Definition: A celebration of something no one else cares about.
    Origin:  Piemerica's 10th Anniversary - February 24, 2008
  • Sarserious
    Definition: Sarcastic and serious
    Origin:  Emperor MAR April 1, 2005
  • Scomb
    Definition: A leaf used as a comb
    Origin:  Around 2001
  • Sidestride
    Definition:  A hip sidewalk
    (The Joe)'s Autobiography Siesta Ch.
  • Siklav
    Definition: A measurement of time
    Origin:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography Ch. 2
  • Slivey
    Definition: Friend; Person; Guy
    Variants: Slivies
    Origin:  Something that Emperor MAR just felt like saying.
  • Slurq
    Definition: To drink a book
    Origin:  A term invented by Laslo PanafleX -Fall 2000
  • Speechalize
    Definition:  To communicate verbally
    Variants:  Speechalization
    Origin:  During (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX’s first speeches the word was invented. –October 2000
  • Spider Vision
    Definition:  A Web Site
    Variants:  Earth Girth Spider Vision (World Wide Web Site)
    Useage:  Used mostly in late 2006-Present in the phrase "Spider Vision is the Way to a New Life"
    Origin:  (The Joe) Legend -2002
  • Stuperficial
    Definition:  Stupid and superficial
  • Suz
    Definition:  N/A
  • Swell
    Definition:  Super well, the S is for super
    Origin:  Emperor MAR June 12, 2005
  • Tae Kwon Dumb
    Definition:  A martial arts style used to fight the battle within one's self where most moves involve injuring one's self.
  • Termoil
    Definition:  When you really hate the term "oil."
  • Terrible Tearableness
    Definition:  Being terrible at tearing paper.
  • Textable Accord
    Definition:  The best tasting part of a book (generally only derived from log milking)
  • Time Cotton
    Definition:  The idea that mankind has enslaved itself with technology.
    Origin:  Lyric in Equal Non-Equal Neutral, defined with song titles on the MARS album Time Cotton.
    Link:  Time Cotton (story)
  • Toaster Jar
    Definition:  Good Bye
    Origin:  Omaha Nebraska’s original name. When Omaha’s name was changed from Toaster Jar to Omo (The Joe) had to find another use for this excellent set of words. It was decided that Toaster Jar henceforth shall mean “Good Bye”–Late 2000
    Links: Emperor & Eggabalt Episode 6
  • True Laziness
    Definition:  Working as hard and fast as possible to relax sooner and more continuously.
    Origin:  Emperor MAR's personal philosophy on being lazy
  • Trutiful
    Definition:  Beautiful Truth
  • Typoing
    Definition:  Typing poorly
  • Vasing Harvesters
    Definition:  Putting a large harvesting machine in a vase or traveling back in time and putting people in vases
    Variants:  Vaseing Harvesters
    Link: The Legend of Vaseing Harvesters
  • Verbal Hot Dog
    Definition:  Offensive Trash Talk
    Origin:  September 13, 2013
  • Vlendoor
    Definition: A measurement of time
    Origin:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography Ch. 2
  • Vocalabulary
    Definition: One’s Vocal Vocabulary; The words that one knows how to spell
  • Vodlektilum Enco‹rg
    Definition:  All time existing together at one time.
    Origin:  Piemerican Magazine #4 Vasing Harvesters Article -2006
  • Waserg
    Definition:  Water that one drinks
    Origin:  Plate Drain comic from Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook  -January 28, 2002
    Link:  Plate Drain comic, Photo Gallery named Waserg
  • W-hats
    Definition:  An expression of amazement. Whoh; Wow
    Origin:  The Darkened Reality of Real-Estate Epicsode Z Page 4–Spring 2002
  • What the Eat?
    Translation:  Huh? (in times of trouble & confusion you gotta go with what you know, so the verbalizer eats) Eats
    Origin:  Emperor MAR & D.G. phone conversation. Whenever (The Joe) said “What the Eat?” he would then eat something. (The Joe) for some time carried around crackers so that whenever he would say the phrase he would have something to eat. –Summer 2000
    Link:  What the Eat? (About Piemerica Page)
  • William Crease
    Definition:  A billfold, wallet
    Sentence Usage:  I need the William Crease from your forearm-bag.
  • Yummerific
    Definition:  Terrific tasting
    Origin:  Pie Soda/Chewbacca Cola -Early 2000
  • Zippers Me Pippers
    Definition:  An expression of amazement. Wowee Zowee
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