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From Piemerican Magazine:
Tree Man
Jimmy Veltine
Cob Veltine
Rosv Koat
Wiltmor Fids
Flecthinald E. Wilgordbyson
Sir Lou NcVarnim
Gilgsvigor E. Tout
Polia Veltine
Nora the dog Veltine
Doctorb #4
Mark Eht
Chuark Endesguis
Almond Beast
The Pecan Beast
Leia Up
Cousin Jim
Chief Ellis A. Ledter
Tikeem Renrenwald (drill sergeant)
Judge Kudge
Floorence Isle
Ligsnon Takem
Dialm the Monkey
Willet B. Worthet
Edna Ott Worthet
Edward Worthet
Pai Erica
A. Richard Pourer

From Piemerican Knews Website:
Talking flask
Guy made up by (The Joe) for the purpose of this story
Guy who thought he was going to the movies but was instead kidnapped, put on a plane, & flown to Piemerica so they could make fun of the new guy.
Statistic Man
Steam Puppet
Piknic Tayble
Tubby McTubster
Farmer Cauld Birk
Judge Flagswarth L. Kabon
Petey McMonisworth
A mysterious man in a black suit with a bizarre silver gun
The Mad Bomber

From (The Joe)'s Autobiography
Scabby the Cab Driver


Leia Downs
Spunksy McGee the Rudiferd Planksman
Floorence Ptaker
Ligsnon Cosmer
Um Ciltkontpofur
U. Dunno M.
I. Overherd

Video Game Characters:
Cloud Bottle
Pseudo Human
Gilgsvigor E. Tout
Greedy Ghost

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