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From February 2002-March 2003 these were the first pages seen on the site.
After the site offered a choice for frames or no frames these pages were under the file name of index2.htm.
From then until now they are the place where all the sites main links permanently reside.


Around May 8, 2002

This is the second legitimate index page we ever had that is why a shorter list is mentioned.
Notice it said where you will find, most of those things weren't on the site then.

Created around August 19, 2002
This isn't exactly the next index page but it was the next design.
This was before Daily Update where recent updates were listed on the right.

Created around September 15, 2002
Like the last one with different updates and a Songs section link


Specifically from October 15, 2002
Uses the newly made Piemerica Logo


From around January 11, 2003
This was the original Daily Update era page.


First used about January 26, 2003
This is the inverted color version of the previous index page
It was used, sometimes alternating with the previous.


First used at the latest May 9, 2003
The changed less Pie oriented look.


First used around May 26, 2003
This was like the last index page but the links changed.


Used from August 1 to 2, 2003
This is the all space page but people hated it so its gone.


Used August 3, 2003-February 10, 2004
A page that lasted a long time but the links had to be updated so now its gone.

Used February 11-March 24, 2004
The DHTML was broken on this Page & couldn't be fixed so it was replaced.

Used March 25-June 11, 2004
Link to the Comics section added in May

Jib & Jab
Used from June 12 to July 12, 2004
Added a link to Jibber Jabber

Used form July 12 to July 30, 2004
This page used the updated Piemerica Logo & an original background image.
It was ousted because of Rose Garden Dream being added to links.

Used From July 31- October 27, 2004
Final version with grifters background which includes Rose Garden Dream link.

Boo! Bub? Boo.k Drink
Used October 28-Nov. 27, 2004
This was a redesign to a 3 column format with a number more links added also.

Red Light Glare
Used November 28-Dec. 31, 2004
First to contain the new bamboo Piemerica Logo & remade to a red & blue design.

Blam Boo
Used Jan. 1, 2005-May 11, 2005
Used May 12, 2005-July 2, 2005

Used July 3, 2005-August 28, 2005

Used August 29, 2005-December 6, 2005

Used June 20, 2006-July 7, 2006
Different Scrolling Marque from the previous

Desk & Bludex
Used July 8, 2006-September 23, 2007
Bludex removed the non-links for unfinished items and later added lingo back when it was finished.

Used September 24, 2007-February 2, 20008
Redeisgned display with Publication links added and other links changed.

Enlarged Earth
Used February 3, 2008-October 7, 2008
Resized version of earth with different marquee text.

3rd earth
Used October 7, 2008-Present
3rd version of earth design with new and rearranged links.

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