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Index Pages

From February 2002-March 2003 these were the first pages on the site.
After the site offered a choice for frames or no frames these pages were under the file name of index2.htm. From then until now they are the place where all the sites main links permanently reside.

Entrance PagesBeginning March 2003 this page was put up as the front page of the site and offered a choice for frames or no frames.
These became the Entrance pages of the site which didn't have the main site links but a welcoming design. Known as index.html.
Special PagesSpecial site front pages which were made for certain occasions & were only there for a short time.
ThumbnailsThumbnail image gallery of all the index pages which this site has had.

Current Frames Index

Current Index Page

There are a few other versions of the index pages but we no longer have them.