Piemerican History
The Beginning

The origin of the Piemerica organization in relation to pie was Friday, February 19, 1998 by Michael Aaron Reyes.

In my English class a handout was given to me profiling Michael Jordan that had two poorly drawn & photocopied pictures one a head shot & the other a picture of him slam-dunking.
I took a pink pen from Chris Young & drew pink around the lips of both pictures.
The head shot said "I like pie" & the bottom dunking shot said "Me too" in word bubbles.
I found this very hilarious because the picture was of the same guy.
Later I was putting pink & purple ink around the lips of many pictures I saw.
Somewhere in this time I wrote the Pledge of Pieleigence.
On Tuesday night, February 24, 1998 I created a comic book called Religious Pie #1 (there was not to be a number 2) under my Wiscers Comics Label.
In this comic I founded Pie Inc.
Two more comics were written later Political & Business Pie #1 & Pie #2.
Among other things written (which have no copies what so ever) were a Star Wars rename list one being C3pieO written by Tim LeVallee who at the time wrote a comic of his own Cletus & Ed (also worked on by various people). On February 26, 1998 Pie Incorperated (the comics) were shown to the public.

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