(The Joe) Legend Taken off Student Council President Ballot

Legend was running for student council president, when the ballots arrived his name was mysteriously left off the list.

Inquiring about this (The Joe) found that it was an alleged conduct problem. He was told the school Principle was to tell him of his being left off but this never occurred. When (The Joe) tried to reach him for comments he seemed to walk a bit faster & escaped into the office.

Legend has given his awesome speech for Presidency on 5/3/02. His name was even in the school news paper The Cougar Pause. From the system as we understand a background check is to be issued of the candidates between the time the petition is received before the televised speech.

On the morning of May 10, 2002 voting commenced. Legend & other classmates were astonished to find his running/real name Michael Reyes was nowhere to be found. Even without the name an estimated of 50 students have professed to just writing in his name & circling it.

(The Joe) not knowing the situation did the same and had this to say:
"If they take my name off the ballot without telling me I'm still going for vote for me."

To trace back to (The Joe)'s Political History we will review the already established conspiracy against him.
At some point in the year 2001 (The Joe) decided to run for Junior Class President. He quickly filled out his petition & got the signatures and was on his way. Hordes of then Freshmen said they would vote for (The Joe) although they could not. He employed genius campaign techniques such as putting a poster directly on the soda machine, which was taken down after approx. 3 hours. This year many people stole this idea and successfully put their posters on the soda machines. One of the other very few posters he put up that year was one with a stapled suspicious looking picture of him reading:
"Can you really trust this man as Junior Class President?"

He wanted his running to be a campaign to the people & vowed not to put up many posters as the others did but to go to the people to get them to vote for him. (The Joe) had a Hershey's Kiss style hat fashioned by his campaign manager #3 with a ribbon sticking out reading:
"Vote for (The Joe)"

Speech time rolled around but at the beginning before the speeches (The Joe) and some others were left off the list to make the speech (this is how we know about the procedures of back ground checks). The problem was soon cleared up and the speeches began. (The Joe) gave what most say was the best speech of them all.

That night after the speeches (May 4, 2001) (The Joe)'s political gang went out including:  his campaign manger #3 who coined the phrase "Bringing back the good ole days of tomorrow" and was in the above grade although helping. (The Joe)'s friends that would soon be known as his sons including #3, Sid [Mysterious Man], Barry, Little Billy [(One who used to frequently ripped him off) The Cobb/Potatosphere the Ultimate garden simulator], and his then known as neighbor Gary [Fystyndentilis].

About a week later (The Joe) found to have been defeated. If you ask around who people voted for that year most professed to that of (The Joe) or another, neither of which won. Bringing about suspicion of conspiracy.

Saying he would not run again next year but if he did he'd go for the ultimate position. Refueled by others speaking of how presidents do nothing (The Joe) decide to run after all (to show everyone what doing nothing really is). He quickly got a petition & hoping it was not too late got it signed in less than a day. This time around he went for Student Council President now opening the door for the entire school to vote for him. Legend needed a new campaign manager so he picked long time Piemerican Real Name. Legend not having the resources to go to the people need a manager which did so & made all his posters. Real Name did so.

Legend was put away for a crime he didn't commit but couldn't defend against for assumption of him messing around on an ISP and sent away to ISP. This is the supposed ballot problem but in itself is only one referral. Locked up with Fritter who he already sees too much of, Legend noticed one of his posters damaged. After sometime all his posters are ripped off the walls. The posters put up with outstanding stickers b/c Legend is too good for tape.
Legend & Real Name were reached on the poster scandal & said:
"All these other people have to take their posters down but we don't have to b/c someone took ours down for us." Which was a good thing due to (The Joe)'s Laziness.
Due to being on lockdown Legend missed speech auditions. Legend got out just in time to give his speech.

"Last year at election (The Joe) was hideously disgraced by a crushing & mysterious loss."
Noted (The Joe) during this years speech. During this statement The screen mysteriously went black for a few moments.

All these strange occurrences and the lack of knowledge of the ballot removal is an obvious conspiracy. Never was it thought that they would go so far.
The Scott had this to say of it:
"The quote un quote traditionally popular people just won't allow one like (The Joe) to be President."

"I prayed, 'your will be done Lord if you want me to lose so be it' But the way I was taken off the ballot tells me that I would have won. There's no way I would have lost if on the ballot. So since I am not meant to be president it had to be done a different way. I just want an irrefutable reason from the school why I was taken off. The good side as I see it is less work next year"
~(The Joe) Legend/Michael Reyes