Piemerican History
Pie Incorperated

What led up to Pie Inc.

   Due to the drawings & colorings by my new obsession with pie I created 2 comic books in which advertisements were run about Pie Incorperated the supposed owner of the comics.  At that time Pie Inc. was only in comic form under the Wiscers Comics Label.
Pie Inc. was shamefully owned by Michael Inc. After a short while Pie Inc. became the primary title in which I worked under. This didn't happen until sometime after August '98. Pie Inc. wrote some things during early 1998 but the school agenda planner it was written in was intentionally thrown away week by week as school came to a close.

   When Pie Inc. started there were 3 major players in it which were:
Emperor MAR the founder, Nick Kline (The Dead Guy), & Tim LeVallee (Laslo PanafleX) who enjoyed the humor of Pie Inc.

   Pie Inc. carried on business as usual doing things here & there including finishing the storyline It's the End of the Pie as We Know It in the comic Pie #2. Pie #2 marked the first time Pie Inc. was spelled out it was actually spelled as "Incorporated" rather than the current "Incorperated" in June of '98 though assumed to be finished in July.

   Later in 1998, at the beginning of mine & the group's eight grade, class placement caused myself & Tim to be separated from Nick.
   One day (unknown/Mid-September) in the hallway Tim suggested that the letters 'P' 'I' 'E' stand for something. This was the first time MAR noticed that Pie Inc. was 'P I' but not 'E'. MAR was enthusiastic & supported the idea. Tim immediately suggested ”Pie Incorperated Everywhere". MAR gave it small approval but then instantly said this, "No, I got one that's even better Pie-Incorperated-Eternally" & there P-I-E was born.
This is how Laslo PanafleX (Tim LeVallee) co-founded P-I-E because he came up with the idea for pie to stand for something & is now credited as Co-founder of Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally not for Pie Inc. or Piemerica.

   MAR decided to use hyphens (-) to separate P I E instead of periods suggesting
"Periods are low forms of abbreviation, using the hyphens show separation & are more powerful. It must be said one letter at a time not as pie."

   On May 6, 1999 9:10:25-9:13:03 PM Pie Incorperated was reborn under Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally as official pie maker & supplier of the food pie. This was a cheap ploy that went nowhere.

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