Piemerican History
Pie Comics

Piemerica started as Pie Incorporated, an organization founded with in the pages of a comic book on February 24, 1998.
The first comic was titles Religious Pie #1. The issue included some ads. Some song parodies and 2 short comics.
The original intention was to release 2 to 3 issues a week.
The first of each week was to be Religious Pie. There was to be a Pie related Bible story until the Bible was totally rewritten to the Pieble.
The second written on the same day but for a bit later in the week was Political & Business Pie.
Third was Different Flavored Pie which was never finished & only had a cover.
Laziness & such set in & none of this went as planned.
June of '98 Pie #2 Return of the Pie was released seeing as Political & Business Pie had a to be continued story in it It's the End of the Pie as We Know It. That issue finished the story. Some time later a Pie #3 was slated of release but only make it to a cover & inside cover.