Piemerican History

   Piemerica began October 8, 1998, which is now known as Ancient Piemerica Day.
Created in The definitive Piemerican Document known as Piemerica the Greatest Country in the World. Piemerica was originally Pie Inc.'s parody of The United States of America where Emperor MAR even considered parodying the entire Constitution etc. A possible cause of Piemerica coming about could be the Pledge of Pieleigence which already parodied the USA.
   Piemerica was mostly a word until it joined Pie-Incorperated-Eternally at 2:06 p.m. October 28, 1998 to become Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally. Piemerica was led by Emperor MAR & the mysterious #7. At these times #7 declared himself the Immortal God of All Pie & Piemerica became a cult with others giving themselves numbers & declaring themselves gods as well. Emperor MAR was a slave (kind servant) to various students of the school & got paid variable amounts a day. MAR at the time recruited his own 'slave' known as #0, later to become Real Name, & Real Name has been a kind servant to Piemerica ever since. #7 who was confused as Emperor MAR was a cold man who did not tolerate such things as slavery. As the story goes.. in very late 1998 #7 left earth & word got back to Emperor MAR that he "the Immortal" died during his space travels.

   Piemericans in early 1999 (Emperor MAR, Laslo PanafleX, Adam Purdue, & to a much lesser extent Nick Kline) for various reasons grew to hate the country of England and as kids do planned a World War 3 with the nation. (Later Emperor MAR & Laslo PanafleX gave up hate on England in 2000 due to the band RADIOHEAD.) Emperor MAR was bought out of slavery in 1999 by another man who paid a quarter a day for him to not be a slave. After this school year Emperor MAR was separated from all of his fellow Piemericans with PanafleX & Kline going to another High School, #0 being a grade behind & Adam Purdue disassociating himself from Piemerica. Emperor MAR however still had contact with PanafleX & Kline where in 1999 The Oatmeal Phrase was created & the Enornal Fornitude then a bit later Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Emperor MAR picked up a few new friends (Omaha Nebraska, President Rod Zague Hoetrain, MP no OC, Dredrick Tatum...) & it wasn't long before PanafleX returned to Piemerica after moving thereby allowing him to go to the same high school as MAR.
   In early 2000 Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? comics were the main focus of Piemerica as was Joe but it was in Fall of 2000 when Piemerica hit a golden age. Joe became (The Joe) & Tim LeVallee became Laslo PanafleX, they both shared a class & Piemerica became what it is most known for with such things as Drinking Books, Skillet Hats, Equal Non-Equal Neutral, insane speeches & so on.
   In early 2001 Laslo PanafleX moved far away & (The Joe) had to be Piemericanized alone with new things such as Lessons, running for class president, acting etc. After a year of seemingly easy living (The Joe) Legend & Emperor MAR started a mailing list (journal about mailing list) & then this website (journal about site begining). Even soon after that Piemerica created a sign up sheet allowing people to join Piemerica & from there we are now here & the in-betweens are found in various places.

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