Piemerica:  2004 Year in Review
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1/14,15,25/04- New & revised sub-sites:  I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight., MARS, Adjective Glass Catalog Multimedia Site
2/21/04- Piemerican Disc Album by New released online

2/28/04- The Seventh Fornitude
3/8/04- Scripture of/for the Week section made
3/9/04- Rose Garden Dream EP by MARS
3/18/04- dew EP by MARS released online
3/19/04- Safety=Danger single by MARS
3/23/04- Sit in the beef. single by MARS
3/29/04- Renderings section established
3/31/04- The darkened Reality of Real-Estate soundtrack by MARS
4/10/04- Fogless Maybe The Best of MARS
NINE album by MARS released online
Gently hollow4/17/04- Gently hollow double album & Elevater Trace B-sides album by MARS

4/22/04- 2003's Update Streak broken
4/26/04- Song Info. Feature added to I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
5/3/04-5/8/04- Lesson Mania Week 2004
5/7/04- Languishing Mirth album by MARS
5/9/04-5/15/04- Daily Update Mania Week
5/9/04- Comics section established with The darkened Reality of Real-Estate

5/23/04- Eighthornal Fornitude
5/30/04- MARS Songlisting established
Minds 15-256/1/04- Minds 15-25 album by MARS
Digital Death6/3/04- Digital Death EP by MARS
6/12/04- 95.7An Armory Animations
6/13/04- Rose Garden Dream is formed
Front Cover6/14/04- Expelious A album by Tripple Seven
Backtracking6/15/04- Backtracking private compilation by MARS
6/16/04- uineft EP by MARS
6/17/04- Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition Album by New
6/18/04- An album by MARS
6/21/04- FROSE EP by MARS
Promo Cover7/5/04- Iceburg Ripoff song by Rose Garden Dream
7/6/04- Pie Comics Political & Business Pie #1 Fully Online
7/7/04- Pie #2 It's the end of the Pie as We Know it Fully Online
Updated Piemerica Logo7/12/04- Remake of 2002 Piemerica Logo

7/19/04- Enornal ForNINEtude
7/19/04- At Ease Sampler Album
7/19/04- Fogless Maybe The Best of MARS Discs 2 & 3
7/22/04- Held album & Oattseq EP by MARS
7/30/04- Neon Scroll Fumble (Online Ep) by Rose Garden Dream
7/31/04- Rose Garden Dream site established
lespit8/1/04-lespit single by MARS
8/4/04-lespit/Neon Scroll Fumble by Rose Garden Dream & MARS
8/17/04- Wonder & Ibex albums & Jealous buried passion concept look. B-Sides album by MARS

September- Hundreds of poems from 1999-2003 added
9/5/04- Piemerican Games Soundtrack by MARS

9/8/04- Complete Piemerican Discography established
9/17/04- XGXD EP by MARS

10/4/04- Enornal ForniTeN
10/8/04- Dismemories EP by MARSPiemerica VCD
10/28/04- Piemerica 6th anniversary
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? section established
10/29/04- Emperor MAR & Lori meet online
11/1/04- Lori joins Piemerica
Promo Cover11/1/04- Thoughts of A Thunderstorm song by Rose Garden Dream

12/26-31/04- New Year's Top 3 Mania Week
Lyrics- 41
Piemerican Records Releases- 34

See Updates Section for everything that occured in Piemerica during 2004