Piemerican Accomplishments by Year

Cats comics series 1 began, which were a steady out put of comics for about 4 years.
M Comics label (Michael/Mutilation Comics) created in Blood Battles.
comic issue 1 created. A terribly violent comic which was an ongoing series of stapled comics until late 1998.
Cats series 2 began
Fantastic Four Cats lost comic created
Wiscers Comics founded & replaced M Comics
comics made:
Cats series 1 & 2 remade
Fantastic Four Cats Spectacular made
Cats daily series, which was a 1 page comic a day was made
Stretch (Cat) the lost years weekly series made
Yule comic weekly series
3 school forced stories created
Cats series 4 begins still a part of the Daily series
Pie Comics Created
Pie Inc. Founded
Many comics made:
Cats daily series & Blood Battles etc. continues throughout the year.
Cats 2 part 3rd anniversary spectacular created which contained ads by Pie Inc.
P-I-E founded.
Piemerica Founded
Piemerica joins P-I-E
Piemerica rules the world but erases everyone's memory of it so no one can dispute this truth.
Emperor MAR had his last hair cut for nearly 7 years
Many song lyrics were written by Emperor MAR
Tripple Seven symbol created
The Oatmeal Phrase is created
Enornal Fornitude
Emperor MAR becomes born again Christian
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? created
Joe & then (The Joe) come to be
Skillet hats
& Drinking Books invented
Headlines for Piemerican Magazine #1 are concepted
Equal Non-Equal Neutral began
Catastrosphere came to be
Lessons, Top 3, Book Drinking Tips are introduced into Piemerican culture
(The Joe)'s
first school tv appearance
The first Mania Month
Drinking Books ends
(The Joe) runs for Junior class president
The darkened Reality of Real-Estate comic series begins
Piemerican Magazine
issue 1 & 2 are worked on
Pieuro founded
Piemerica's Mailing list is started
Piemerica's website is founded
(The Joe)
runs for student council president
2 Piemerican Video Games are made
Piemerica's first music album Piemerican Disc is recorded & released
The Great Lesson Streak occurs
Nov. 16- (The Joe)'s Life long dream of taking his favorite self-made pillow & relaxing in a cave came true. Pics: 1 2
Piemerican Magazine #1 is finally released
P-I-E has Daily Updates for a long time
Piemerican Magazine #2 is released
Music videos are made for Piemerican Disc songs
Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend graduate from High School
2 Piemerican Video Games are madeish
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
RADIOHEAD website founded
Tripple Seven's Scrib (for Ever.) single is released
Piemerican Message Bored goes online
MARS music begins & many CDs are released
Major updates & revamping of Piemerican sites including new MARS & NEW sites
More MARS music released
Piemerica's 415 Consecutive Day Update Streak concludes
Joenan and Egg/Muzzz Graduate High School
Many Advice Ovens written for Piemericans
Biggest Lesson Mania Week ever!
Many comical Photo Galleries added to site
Several CDs released
Piemerica: The Florilegium Compendium of Miscellany [A Box Set] Released
Emperor MAR meets Lori in real life
Piemerican Magazine & Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook fully placed online
16 People Join Piemerica
Work on Piemerican Magazine #3 begins
Joenan Married
Emperor MAR & Lori Married
Piemerica returns online with massive updates
Piemerica on MySpace
Piemerica Online Store opened
A large amount of Lyrics/Poems written
Piemerica's first book, The Essentialness of Essentiality released for sale
Video's of Piemerica's most popular dances online Dancing!
Lesson Mania! Book Released on P-I-E's 8th Anniversary
Piemerican Elementary Knewsletter founded & lasts 3 issues
2006 Piemerica Christmas Catalog
New Official Piemerica Logo
New music releases by MARS, Dawn Chorus, & khyber.pass
Piemerican Magazine #3 Released
Piemerica.org domain finally obtained
Piemerica.org About Us.org Wiki page created
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? AudiOcular Manifestation Commercials
Many new releases by MARS
2007 Piemerica Christmas Catalog

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