The Darkened Reality of Real-Estate
Staking Bin Cartilage
The final, funniest, & longest episode.
This is an Epicsode.
Originally a 10 Page stapled Epicsode, the last page was credits.
Finished early May 16, 2002

Page 1

Narration: A genetic alteration of a Mad Man's Fate Built on lies, greed, and hate The Darkened Reality of real-estate we are epicsode z Stacking bin Cartilage
The beginning of the issue begins at the beginning of the entire story.
The villain Ei was been manufactured.

Narration: People in labcoats
Person 1 in labcoat: I Made you out of bacon.
Person 2 in labcoat: I Made you out of bacon, that's it I swear.
Person 3 in labcoat: I Made you out of bacon.
He Ro: EYE the name cannot be typed Made you out of bacon & Monkey Hair
Ei: Just because you wear an Engineer's Hat does not make you an EngiNeer.
Eye sits at his house in his favorite chair
Narration: Roots Made the Roofs, Eye Became Uncomfortable, while sitting in the chair.
Eye's Wife: You make me mad! You just sit there! You make me sad. You just sit there. I hope You're glad. You'll sit in a new chair. in a lower voice Break your shadows, I am in your dreams. I will be in your nightmares. command form You just sit there.
Me, & Scissors are being filmed by Cam Era in a television studio.
Narration: They used to cut promos for Siberian infomercials back in the 50s
ME: I never met you. You were always there.
Scissors: and so can you with never B'gone The only product that freezes time!
Unknown setting
Narration: It was the engine's ear
Engine's Ear: I do what I'm tole?d
Engine's Ear: I was measured of wrath
He Ro (down the shore): Why did you ramble these things to a blank screen
Money: Door not hidden Door just locked
Narration: Paige won en ded dew knot Kon tin ue
I Made you out of bacon. I Made you out of bacon. That's it I swear. I Made you out of bacon. I Made you out of bacon and monkey hair is the chorus of the song titled I Made you out of bacon. written by Emperor MAR.
A blotted crossed out smiley face appears in the upper right hand corner of the page.
The Engine's Ear frame was written before hand to be included in the comic.
Notice Eye's chair is wet.
Page 2

Unknown setting
Scissors: Know, I am not part of your incision rakened metaflower
ME: We were going to make X number of episodes but we decided to make Z. What's B more any(space)way.
Eye in an unknown setting, possibly near the lab
Unknown Narrator: They did not Know what they did was real and I was under control. Nor did eye.
No Room for a Picture
Ei has escaped from the lab, shaved off his monkey hair, & plans to make a shirt to disguise himself.
Ei: now that Ei have shaved I will make a new shirt of money.
Narration: is labeling the money which will be used in Ei's shirt. Top left will be Monster Money Top center will be Red Money Top right will be one of many dead money Bottom left 3 years spent in circulation in the wrong country Bottom right, coins ran over by a train
Back at the lab
He Ro: Throw on your pocket protect or lake whisle snap!
Eye: begging My family threw me away please with you let me stay
Sign reads Back at the lab as Scissors & Me read it
Scissors & Me in unison: What does that sign mean?
Back at Ei's lair
Ei: This is my best outfit yet though I do not plan to make another.
Monster Money while part of the shirt: Rarr? Rarr?
Back at the lab again!
Eye: hope no one notices these are sweat drops not tears
Narration: Infect Inject Insure
Narration: end page 2
This is the same He Ro from page 1 but he's hep now
Page 3

Ei's lair
Narration: Sunlight has a new foe
Monster Money while part of the shirt: Rarr? Rarr?
Unknown setting
Me: What would Me do without Scissors
Narration: in unison with Scissors Cut Scene
Scissors: Cut Scene when will I meet a new friend
Cam Era: Every thing that is in knowledge of I have on my Tape
He Ro: Light'n up those dials Eye snap!
Eye: sweats profusely Eye am not a spider
A world away
TV Knews: Call tomorrow with the new Piemerican phone plan, all you have to do is let the phone ring a really long time. It cost absolutely no money, just all your assets!
Me: There's no speaker
Ei's lair
Ei: The shirt is too small I must throw it away
Monster Money: to the left Rarr? Rarr?
Money: looks at Monster Money I'm standing over here
Red Money: para-phrased Complain :( Complain!
Money 2: thinks According to the story Red Money shouldn't have 4 arms yet
Unknown setting
Eye: Eye will ride a motor cycle in to the sun set.
Labeless Can: gets applause for the cameo appearance But I'm a can labeled as motorcycle
Nail: Our budget is too low labeled as Advice giving shoe
Narration: Threeve
A set (3) of suns appear in the last frame.
Piemerican Phone plan concept.
Page 4

Unknown Street like setting
Scissors: Should I start eating cheese, Rain Knuckle
Rain Knuckle (lamp): thinks angrily When will it learn I can't talk!
Me: Points to the left Wut's going on over there?
Cam Era: Is that a window
Eye: Eye wish I had a window.. or a house for that matter
Red Money: does any one else care we don't know each other?
He Ro: What's the hap pap?
Labeless Can: labeled as motorcycle, gets applause for the cameo appearance I'm not your father he is
Nail: Really low labeled as pap
Monster Money: Rarr? Rarr?
Coin 1: is scared of Monster Money I'm worthless!
Coin 2: Are you really?
Coin 1: No, I just don't want to be spent
Money: How ya doing?
Coat Hanger: I'm hanging in there.
Brick: I appeared in Episode G
Scissors: W-hats! What's all this commotion!
Unknown setting
Narration: BACK TO The real story arrow points at Eye
Nail: Turn around! labeled as ametuerducer
Eye: turns around
Nail: There you go.
Eye: I Eye am Eye I Eye am Eye
Nail: Shakes impromptu fist Shut up!
Unknown setting in a room
Ei: Apparently this story ended a while ago But no end.
Red Money: Thank you for reading. wait... I'm the bad money I'm not supposed to be polite
The present timeline which the rest of the series ran on is returned to
Narration: Earlier in the future
Eye: holds tape in left hand at looks at it O, no CAM ERA is dead but I found his tape
Narration: Night is full of sorrow when someone else's bed you cannot borrow
Scissors cries while Me sleeps in its bed
Narration: for
This comic is where the classic Piemerican saying W-hats! comes from. There was too much space between the w & h when Scissors spoke & from that W-hats! was invented.
Though it appears that Scissors & Rain Knuckle (Lamp) are in a comic frame they are actually behind a glass window.
Red Money comments that it is still the past so the characters shouldn't know each other.
There is a 2nd Scissors in the large frame at the top, adding to the confusion of whether it's a window or comic frame.
Nail says to Eye
you go." & Eye thinks that Nail called him You instead of Eye.
Brick makes a cameo but gets no applause.
Page 5

A field like setting
Money: tries to imitate Monster Money so Red Money won't kill him Rar Rar
Red Money: No No No Take it
Monster Money: puffs out face (chest) Rarr? Rarr?
Scissors, Me, & Eye sneak up on Red Money
Scissors: Let us get them!
Red Money: very surprised Oh no Eye must flee
Eye: ok Eye flees
Red Money: holds up finger Must use see cret wep on
Me: points accusingly at Red Money How I get on other side
for an unknown reason Monster Money is gigantiscised without the help of a fast food restaurant
Monster Money's Wrist: Rarr? Rarr?
Eye: drops the tape & throws its hands in the air Its wrist can talk!!
Me: Scissors use your power to cut
Scissors: muh?
Me: you are a pair of scissors & are sharp press together & cut, cut, cut!
Scissors: come again.
Me: furious Cut you imbecile cut!!!
Scissors: unaffected by Me's words Monster Money is definitely Slow
Monster Money: is running frantically with Eye in its mouth Rarr!? Rarr!?
Me: frustrated He's not slow it's already gone!
Scissors: Gone but I didn't get a chance to say g,bye sob!
Far away from the field
Red Money: while frowning Now that Eye is gone I can have the tape. I'm so happy!
Unknown setting
Golden Z-Tip: while bending the letters A L L All will bend to the power of Golden Z-Tip
Narration: 5
The regular story begins again on this page.
Page 6
(see also Page 6 draft)

Unknown setting
Eye: Help us golden mony
Rain Knuckle: Why won't you idiots leave me alone! & I thought a new lampshade would work!
Rain Knuckle: somehow commits suicide by shattering itself
He Ro: reaches out gimmie dat tape
Red Money: attempts to give He Ro Cam Era's tape hear you go!
He Ro: hat falls over face No that one
Red Money: holds up shining scotch tape But I need it to put up this kool new poster holds flaming poster of Ei in lower hand
Near a pond Scissors & Me ponder what to do next
Scissors: the shadow of this clok looses relevance
Me: This is the stupidest pond I've ever been to.
Nail: labeled as Pond Wath thah mouth bub!
Ei's lair
Ei: Cents, when did we have a stool?
Cent 1: scared & about to cry
Cent 2: sad
Cent 3: hmm...
Cent 4: 'ot 6 sir!
Ei: Politely shakes with rage & points at the cents then begins talking to the coins who didn't answer as they cower in the corner Ei would make you 3 sleep with the fishes but they don't sleep, so you will sleep on the couch.
Narration: Eye is trapped in Monster Money's layer zoom out of sod!
Monster Money: Rarr? Rarr?
Narration: If Monster Money could say anything else it would be, "I love my lawn."
Hat: Page 6 is over daddio
Tiny Joe: while in a dancing stride Right on
Narration: reads sign that says page 6 continued...
Me: a dotted line from Me's eyes connect to the sign Why all the crazy signs?
Scissors: No need to zap it with your eye power
Narration: take 2
Hat: Page 6 is over daddio!
Tiny Joe: while in a carnival style walk Right on!
A draft of this page was made because the proper paper was not available at the time.
There are additions & changes from the draft.
Rain Knuckle's lamp shade is drawn differently which gives him the reason to state it as a new shade.
All of the comic is based around the diabolical idea of getting Cam Era's tape yet Red Money is comically willing to hand it over.
Page 7
(see also Page 7 draft)

Near Me's house
Narrator: played by Nail The peaches
Me: I live in that house points at house (labeless can)
Labeless Can: labeled as house I'm small but I got it all.
Red Money's Residence
Red Money: Time to play the tape attempts to push the tape in & fails
Red Money: holds tape up & looks at it What? Betamax!
Red Money: falls to knees Knowwwwwww!
Red Money: Because knowledge is power looks to the left
Tiny Joe: yells to the right with hands in the air Hoo ray! I found the milk.
Red Money travels to Ei's lair & magically gets there in one frame!
Ei: Betamax eh? Eye'd go to a yard sale but he's an idiot! Go to the moon
Red Money Arrives at Moon Beta Max Collectors
Red Money: This must be the place.
Labeless Can: is in hilarious disguise & labeled as manager No we don't sell them. We just collect them to send to the moon.
Red Money: Taps foot W-hats! What will Eye do? More Importantly what will Ei do?
Red Money: Only one thing left to do pauses commit cashiside.
The over protected forest
Red Money: I'd like to donate myself to the tree huggers fund!
Labeless Can: is in hilarious disguise & labeled as Tree Hugger, strokes tree Sorry we don't accept Red Money
A funnier looking draft of this page was made because the proper paper was not available at the time.
Some funny drawing was lost in the redrawing especially the manager.
There are additions & changes from the draft.
Real Name found the Betamax portion of the comic endlessly hilarious.
Moon Beta Max Collectors' building # is 'ot 6
Red Money apparently doesn't even take the beta max tape to the Moon.
Page 8

On the street
Labeless Can: disguise is falling off & labeled as "poorly disguised can" Say, "is that a betamax tape?"
Red Money: Is that a betamax tape?
Labeless Can: No. No. My good uh... Money. I'm a self proclaimed loser & I still use Betamax Even though it is the unspecified future.
Red Money: Will you play this tape for me while not being in the room or.. do I just give you a Savage beating?
Labeless Can: A Savage beating will be fine
Red Money: Prepares to swing baseball bat
Labeless Can: Holds wire arms out. No wait! I mean I'll play it.
Red Money: Snap? Snap? Snap? Snap? Snap? Kiks plastic Eye I guess I can't have the best of both worlds. Until I build that mirror illusive roket ship.
poorly disguised can's house
Red Money: watches Cam Era's tape

Red Money: viciously throws tape on the ground which results in a smash like sound There's nothing on this tape but high powered politicians doing illegal things, who in turn would pay me millions of dollars if I blackmailed them by showing this tape! I don't need money I am money!
Nail: labeled as Director Wait, Wait! If you just destroyed the tape how can we continue the storyline?
Red Money: Eye still needs help An Golden Z-tip is still on the loose
Scissors: We must save Eye
Me: That's improper English man
Scissors: Not I ee-whi-ee
Hat: Page 8 is over daddio!
Tiny Joe: Right on!
Ei: We already did that! Get outta here!
Eye is shown sweating
Golden Z-Tip: What will happen next time? How will Golden Z-tip be contained? Bends ALL
He Ro: snaps fingers Oh no you don't! This is the last episode you're not getting away with that. Resolve I say! Resolve!
A mirror illusive roket ship is a device that can transport one simultaneously in both worlds.
Notice the Hilariously huge size of the Betamax machine.
Page 9

A field like setting
Monster Money: running Rarr? Rarr?
Scissors: It appears as though we are doomed!
Me: or you could just cut it
Scissors: has microphone yo yo yo
Me: thoughts just walk slowly away & let him die..
Scissors: raps Lettice Garnished respectful malice
Monster Money: throws its hands in the air & waves them like it just don't care Rarr? Rarr? in a fun manner
Me: Well... cone
Cone: Hmmm...
Post Script all narration
Scissors was stuck in a droor at Christmas because he was supposed to unrap.
Me was found in its home after forgetting it had a job & got fired
Monster Money was hired as a Chewbacca impersonator for a low budget film
Red Money finally caught that lobster. Labeless Can is shown labeled as "lobster"
And Eye well... oh no Eye is still gone! I guess we better continue the story of something.
Me: Yarn ball forming sky light beyond linder
Nail: labeled as Rabbid fan No! Continue the story!
The Story
Scissors: ef only we had something with a sharp blade to cut the sod.
Eye: holds up finger Eye have an idea.
Me: puts hands on head in disbelief W-hats! Eye is back!
Labeless Can: wearing sunglasses & labeled as "reflective object" & so the story ends...
Red Money: but what about Ei, Golden Z-tip, & most of all Red money!
Labeless Can: What did I just say?
Fynil Seen ( Wut a disaster)
A living Cam Era sits in a room with stacking bins snickering
He Ro: EYE Made you out of bacon and Monkey Hair. remembers dead money
Cone is a cameo character & has appeared in this comic.
Cam Era Can see through time.
The wall says Flashback.
Virtually invisible, the stacking bins have "No Flashback" written on them.
The all seeing Eye/Ei?
The 20 value is not crossed out, Money Lives.
This is the ending decoded.
Rule the World -Piemerica