The Abominable Afro Man

A number of characters came from this comic:  The Abominable Afro Man, Crimpolo ("I have no body"), Floating Head Man,  Supported by Beams Man, & a character that visually resembles Tiny Joe.

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Written December 7, 1999
I'm sad because I'm frightened knot the other way around
BeamsLook float'n head manYou suck (    )?birdingtonwatch out!Wow he floats!Look supported by beams manDeadcowYou make a good mime trapedI can fly with my ButtCrimpolo (later)I have no bodyhelp!It smells like OATMEAL UP IN DIS HOUSE Ahh YEAH! Wika wikaYou must obey my commandsYa! Ya!FireDive!Man Fallingstop he get away with #3635.President Hoetrain's moma is a ____!! (Never) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! 36Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Bow to my Enormous fro
we(ee...)Poo! Poo!Hold still PickachuWhat should we do SonicSonic the HedgehogPickachuGuns (for killing Pickachu)AA  I have no bodyWe must stop pac-man9 years Later5 Years LaterSupported by beams manYou to Donkey KongNow Bow to my froone day all will know the eye fro & bow down
15 years laterwe must stop the Abombadable A fro Manfar away 9 years later5 million miles away5,000 years laterI'm old & My butt sagsThe universefroNo one can bow cause I crused them!!and this fro is good  -God(C) 12/7 8:40-9:10 A.M. P-I-E