Piemerican Story Time
The 3 Little Inanimate Objects

From the Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook came this, which is certainly one of the best & heartfelt stories ever told by Piemerica. Even the common style man has praised this comic, which is something rare in Piemerica.

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Written April 3, 2001

I'm sad because I'm frightened knot the other way around
Piemerican Story TimeThe 3 Little Inanimate ObjectsCup4 inches13 feetPostDanger Pin78.2 MilesA lack of Post it notes.Trim efficient better than ever. But still makes mistakes.Three hours of Silence.Cold & distant due to includence of ice.Only one left in the shelter.123WiskSo sad because It isn't in this story.I am serious, Metaphorically Speaking.ExitFades AwayConcreteDigging is the only chance.Never move.Never think.Never Breathe.Never Eat.Never hope. Never feel.NEVER LEAVECupPostDanger PinImaginary Laugh!!CARVED                                                     OUTSepterThe Tone of the light has changed.PhoneNo listingsSun rise Sun setWe Have Been Heere Since ...The EndPlay in the Field until nightfallThey shiver in the Night cold as the wind tears through the tall grass.They lie motionless, without, a, thought in their head until morning.cupPostExplodedBrokenDanger PinOpened & DangerousWiskI've survived! I've survived.