Possibly the 2nd most abstract comic I've ever done.
The last of a number of comics I did May 20, 2002 which did not want to be confined by pre-existing characters.

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Written May 20, 2002
(C)? Piemerica5/20/02InsuedBeing1/4 memoryLakeless cattleRice is on juce flakeBengiFan StopLeasetBigenFarm has traveled Far (MO) 2 Far (TX) & bottl'not return..say..not mean.. happines.BenigSeap lost at contact[word missing]... frame... on [vacant]Hidden SceneParkBad Hiding PlaceBeingWho put hard dirt in my coffee grounds!We'll get Who![unknown language]Park(someone has ran their car into the pond in the park)Non - Applicable MemoryNoexistanceA round . The edge of a fence.:Invalid Connek. .tion:CONSPIRACYScr               (een)Freezer FreezerSolution Important!The cold feel of a ceiling. Doesn't heat rise?