Malicious Beatings U.S.A. Meeting

Comics | House
Written ? 2000/2001
Additions made July 1, 2004
I'm sad because I'm frightened knot the other way around
I can't breathe!That's not how to skate but we'll get to that Later. 1st I must teach you the Savage Beating on how to receive it from a baseball bat.Frosted Beard
Man Falling Yells "NOOO!"WaterWaterLegArmOh no he'll hit those Letters
What the Eat?Where am I?Toaster JarAdjective glass catalogI hope none find that I'm a statue.This guy is a coneheadConeheadShut UpUs hands can't talkThis is hard to read.I hope I still have all my fingers when this is overI can't see.I may be fat but at least I won't get hepatitis.(Just another face in the crowd)Help me lumberjack I'm too shortI will throw you!