Religious Pie #1
Feb. 26, 1998
Front Cover:  This crappy cover was seen first.
Inside Front Cover:  The first song Emperor MAR ever wrote & the founding of Pie Inc.
Adam, Eve, and Pie:  How pie began.
Cain & Abel to eat Pie:  Murder deserves the ultimate punishment.
Because There's Pie Song Spoof:  Song spoof & terribly ignorant Pie Inc. ad
There Is Power in the Filling Song Spoof:  Song spoof & a better Pie Inc. ad
Pie Cult:  The goings on at a pie cult.
Back Cover:  A great thing to read.

Emperor MAR's Thoughts:
The Comics were written with an erasable pen.
I originally wrote things in comic form b/c it was easier than describing things with writing.
My comics are not mean to look good, although all should be recognizable.
These comics were first written in a spiral notebook & torn out for their debut. I used an image filter to remove the blue & pink lines.
This & the other Pie Comics were hand drawn & written but I changed them to typed text. It does loose much of its historic feel not seeing the whole page but it saves load time & space. There were big blank spaces on some of the pages such as the cover so it is better edited.
Cain & Abel to eat Pie
didn't have a title until now.
Adam, Eve, and Pie &
Cain & Abel to eat Pie were combined stories.
It was originally intended for me to spoof the entire Bible but I'm glad I didn't. I wasn't a Christian at the time & now these things seems ok.
Pie Inc. didn't really hit its stride until the 2nd comic which was written immediately after this one. The 2nd comic introduces a better song spoof, much better slogans, the first savage beating & Piemerican style comedy.

Pie Comics
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